Friday, February 29, 2008

Aloha Nights

Tonight was Hunter and Chloe's first school dance! The theme was Aloha Knights. Get it? A luau theme and the mascot is the Knight. Hunter would only wear the required shirt, jeans, and his precious ball cap (the shirts were your admission in). Of course I had to Maddona-fy Chloe's t-shirt. Chloe was pretty nervous and was a little wallflower all night. Hunter on the other hand was a dancing fool! He even did the Y-M-C-A! Except when he caught me looking, he would stop and get all still. He's too cool to let me see him having fun. You might wonder why I was there. First of all they strongly discouraged just dropping your kiddos off and secondly Chloe's anxiety won't allow me to just drop her off anywhere. I worry that she will miss out on alot of fun things throughout life and even regret that she let her fears get the better of her. We are going to see her pediatrician soon to address these issues. But, she did manage to have an ok time, and she even got out on the dance floor about 20 minutes before it was over. And last but not least, I am always on the lookout for blog material! I am glad I went in, the carpool line was down the block! I did get a few photos, I even got one of Hunter dancing.

Pretty girl

Pink Ladies

Hunter- dancing!!

My babies at their first dance! Awww!

Worn out!

Shoud I go out there and boogie? I'll just hang with mom...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday...

to Jon and me! Babe, I love you. I still think it's crazy that we have the same birthday. You would think I would have gotten used to it by now. You don't look a day over 28! My birthday wish is that this year might be better than the last. We have grown alot over the years and have weathered many storms, but they have only made us closer and stronger. You are a great husband and father, and the kids and I are lucky to have you. I am sorry I don't tell you often enough how special and important you are. I hope your day was great. Thank you for my sweet puppy!
P.S. yes we really do have the same birthday, but I am younger and I don't ever let him forget it!

Here me and Jon are with Hunter and Chandler on one of many joint birthdays. I think I am 23 here and Jon was 27. We were also celebrating the boys birthdays. Chloe would join our family 5 months later.

Here I am on my 8th birthday, with a whole gang of brothers and sisters to help blow out the candles.

Jon and Hunter. One of my favorite photos. Taken May 1996.

Me and Jon in August 1995. We had just moved into our first apartment.

Jon and Hayden when he was about 18 months old. Jon would rock him to sleep every night from 4 months until about 2 years, until he got to be a big boy. That seems like a lifetime ago.


Cupcakes with homemade frosting and Blue Bell chocolate chip ice cream. Yum!

Thanks Shauna!!

I just love my new header. Thanks to Shauna over at See My Designs for an awesome design! She is good at what she does and more importantly she is very patient and sweet! Go see her and get your very own custom header.

"C" is for Chocolate, a girl's best friend

Jon and the kiddos went ahead and gave me an early birthday present this evening. They had me believe that they were at the BMX track tonight. Sneaky little farts, that family of mine. Presenting:

Coco Matilda Myers

The kids and their new baby sister

Oh so sleepy...

Since we may not have the chance to name a real baby sister, we went ahead with the C M initials that Chan and Chloe have. I have wanted a chocolate Lab forever and now I have one. It's going to be a bumpy ride. But, since this baby factory is probably closing soon, and I have been kinda lonely since school started way back in August, Jon decided to indulge me. And, perhaps show me just how hard a 5th "baby" would be. Isn't she the cutest puppy you have ever seen? I might just eat her with a side of vanilla ice cream!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Way-back Wednesday!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already!! Time to go way-back!

Here is yours truly at around 4 months of age. This picture makes me want my very own redheaded baby girl. I still have this dress. I put Chloe in it once, but never took her picture. So, it awaits a daughter or more than likely a grand-daughter. Like my upside down hair bow and slobber?

Here I am in 1st grade. Nice haircut and even nicer bags under the eyes. Can you say hot mess?

Here are me, Jon, Chandler, and Hunter. Our very first family portrait. Jon hates this picture. He is very uncomfortable having his picture made. I am 21 in this pic, Jon 25, Chandler 3, and Hunter 1 month.

Here is the last family pic we had taken. Sad huh? Poor Hayden. Lucky for him, we have an appointment in August to have a family portrait done. (ages: me-23, Jon-27, Chandler-5, Hunter 28-months, and Chloe 10 months)

This is one of my favorite pictures. Jon and the kids (minus Hayden) hanging at the crib. We were living at my parent's house during our house hunt. Ages are the same as above pic.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pretty Woman

After having long hair since birth (practically), Chloe was ready for a change. Drumroll please....

She looks so beautiful I almost can't stand it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dear Coke,

I am so sorry to "Dear John" you like this. But, our relationship has got to end. I know, I know, I love you too. But, I have come to depend on you too much. I mean, you do taste amazing, but I just gotta say NO! It has gotten to the point where I feel panicky if you are not around, I am gagging on water, and where I order you with pancakes at IHOP, yuck! Your cousin Dr. Pepper and I are gonna have a talk too. I promise I will order you when I go out to dinner at a sit down restaurant, but never again anywhere else. No 20 ouncers after I grocery shop, not one with a cookie when I've had a bad day, not one when I read US Weekly every Friday with my Chick-Fil-A. I am gonna try my darndest to quit you cold turkey. I quit smoking cold turkey 13 years ago, I can do it now. Sure, I'll dream I am drinking of your cold, brown, fizzy, goodness just like I dream that I still smoke. At first I'll have to ease off a little slow, and buy a couple of those squatty little cans, and then after a week or so I'll be able to quit you all together. My hope is that I'll forget how good you taste after awhile. I know I can do it. I will miss you dearly. You have become a good friend. You don't judge me, you're dependable. You pretty much rock. But, the first step is admitting you have a problem, and I am taking my first step. You'll be ok without me, maybe Kelli can pick up my slack. I don't know though, she may wanna quit you too. I know I am doing the right thing. I have been setting a bad example for my children. I know that they, along with my teeth, my bones, and my waistline will be forever grateful.
Always in my heart,
P.S. can a scratch-n-sniff cola sticker be used as a patch to quit drinking Cokes? I think I might try it...

Ashley's last Coke

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Movie Watching Spree

I have had a headache since yesterday afternoon, and now bodyaches. I sat up until 4:00 this morning with a bucket, afraid I was gonna barf. So, I am not sure if I have the flu or not. No chills, no fever. Needing something to distract me, I got onto my DVR list and to my surprise all 7 of the movies in the Love Comes Softly series had either recorded or were scheduled to record on the Hallmark channel. At 7:00, Hayden and I started the first one and he lasted all the way until the middle of the second one. I myself watched 6 of them, and I am gonna finish the last and most recent one after the kids go to bed. I really enjoyed them immensely. I am not embarrassed to admit that I am a Little House and Anne of Green Gables fan. As a matter of fact, I think I would gladly leave all this behind and take my family back in time to the Old West or out on the wagon trail. Yes, I know life was hard back then. But, it was simple, and beautiful, and innocent. Not, the hustle and bustle crap we live in today. No power lines, no pollution, no global warming, no cars, or stores everywhere, or fast food. Just simple people trying to make their way in the world. Now, if I did get to go back in time. I wanna be like the movies I saw: pretty dresses and a smidge of make-up. I'm still a girly girl. I could try and plow the fields or make bread, I would just need an extra lacey bonnet or some ribbons on my boots or something.
P.S. if anyone is curious about a birthday gift for me, I'll take the Little House or Anne of Green Gables series (books) please. I never owned many of the Anne books, but I did have almost all of the Little House books. I don't remember what happened to them.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


She looks adorable! Congrats to them. They'll finally have enough kiddos for a basketball team! But, Brad honey...WTF? Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight... Nice outfit buddy. Rock 1974 with your bad self!


Ok, so I feel like such a loser today. Hunter's fever is back up, which totally sucks. So far he doesn't seem as sick as Hayden was. His fever is hovering at 100.9 and he has a pile of dirty kleenex next to his bed that could fill an entire pillow case. Hayden is doing much better. He has been singing, running around, and wrestling with Chloe. He still isn't his old self though, as he lays down to rest on his air mattress every so often. Chloe and I are both feeling yucky, but so far no fever. Just sneezy, coughy, exhaustion, and tummy aches. It just isn't cool that they got sick to begin with. As a mom, of course I want to protect them from everything. I know I can't totally stop the flu. I am feeling bad because I chose to skip the flu shot this year, because of money. Having no health insurance is not a fun place to be, I feel as if I am failing my children. I hate the fact that it is beautiful today and we are oblivious to it, we are all laying around trying to stay comfortable. You should see it here. Chloe has her little cocoon on the couch, Hayden has his blankets on an air mattress on the living room floor, and me and Hunter haven't really left our beds. I ventured out once to get a giant Coke from Chicken Express. I kid you not, I was halfway home when I decided to take a sip and it was freaking sweet tea! Yuck! I was so pissed, but too tired to go back. So, now I am just playing on my laptop and I have eaten a million watermelon Jolly Ranchers. I even got so bored I created a playlist for my MySpace page. That has been the highlight of my day, listening to old music. If I can get my tummy to feel better soon, we are gonna try and take a walk. The sunshine will probably do us a world of good.

Friday, February 22, 2008

This is freakin' hilarious

Go here and laugh your butt off! Thanks dooce!

Myersville Medicine Shoppe

Just thought you'd like to see a photo of our kitchen counter. Wow!

Man, it took long enough...

Well, I guess JLo is finally a mommy! Man, it seems like she was pregnant forever. Pretty cool, a boy AND a girl. Wonder if they will have normal names? Read all about it here.


Hunter has a fever of 101.7!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


What the heck is going on? The last scene in each episode is crazy! Any thoughts? Hello, Aaron???
P.S. Sawyer is a stone cold fox, if you ask me...

Like out of a movie

Watch this video. I think the mystery of the black smoke from Lost may have been solved!?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Way-back Wednesday

I am a little late today. My apologies. I am super worried about Hayden and have been watching my baby bird all night. He is finally in a deep sleep, so I am on the computer, big surprise! Here's my little bit o' nostalgia for the day

Here I am in 1st grade. I have on a green dress that is nearly identical to the one my sister Kelli posted today.

Here are me, Kelli, and Amy the day before our brother Jeremy left on his mission. Aren't we fierce?

Here I am with the Chan-man. I am 19 and he is 1 in this photo. I was so clueless about how to be a mom, still am. But I love that boy with all my heart. He is my hero.

Here are my kiddos the day after Hayden was born. So cute and little I wanna smack the little farts. I am one lucky girl.

One word:


Hoping and Praying...

that Hayden doesn't have the flu. He was complaining that his throat and nose hurt late last night and around 10 he felt a little warm. I checked him every half hour until 3 and he was sweaty, not fevery. Around 6 he came into my room, burning up. So, he is now parked on the couch with a box of Kleenex. Dad is headed to the store for orange juice and some more Motrin. I feel really bad for him, I hate when my babies are sick. I am also feeling bad because we went to visit Kelli and the boys yesterday afternoon, and the last thing they need over there is the flu. Sorry guys. It definitely seems to be going around like crazy this year. I am thinking positive that it's only a cold...
**Hayden has a fever of 103.1 and is on the wait list at Care Now. Of course, his Dr. has no appointments today. Grrrr....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Caterpillar Girl

I love analogies. To me it's just an easy way to relate to someone how you feel if the words don't come out right. I have been feeling out of sorts for awhile. Going back to church has certainly helped me alot. But, now I am feeling like I have finally grown up, and I turn 34 soon... What I am trying to say is imagine a caterpillar in their cocoon knowing that they are soon going to fulfill their destiny. Imagine that caterpillar not being able to find their way out. Knowing what they are supposed to do but being powerless to break free. Odd analogy, but that is exactly how I have been feeling lately. I am not sure if going back to church along with scripture study and prayer has opened my eyes or if I am focusing on mundane things that don't really matter in the long run. And, I know the things that are bugging me seem mundane, but they do matter to me. I can only hope and pray that as my testimony growns stronger, superficial things won't matter. But, I am a girl and I am human, so some stuff does matter. I am just bummed it took me so many years before the lightbulb went off. I guess what I am trying to get at is that for years I have been trying to figure Ashley out and would always come up empty. Yes, I am a wife and mom, but who else am I? I often wonder what things I am supposed to accomplish? Will I still be able to? The stuff on my mind now seems silly as I am typing this, but they are important to me. For years I have lived my life in the way I was supposed to as opposed to fulfilling me. But, I never knew what I was missing. I have heard many women say that things become so much clearer in your 30's and 40's. I can totally see that now. Gosh, it took long enough. I will fill you in on a few of the superficial things, but am saving the heavy thoughts for my heart, mind, and prayers. They can't be changed yet anyway... The superficial things seem easier to change. And, in no certain order here are a few, and remember they may sound goofy to you. No negative comments please.

** I absolutely can't stand that my house is decorated Western. I only did it because we moved to "the country". I am so not country! My favorite group is The Cure for goodness sakes. Now I feel as if my house is smothering me. I would change it in a heartbeat if I could, but I am broke.

** After all these years I have finally figured out what my own personal style is. Two problems: I am fat and my cash flow is barely a trickle.

** I see mistakes I have made as a mom and a wife. It is not easy to teach an old dog new tricks as they say. I am trying so hard to implement changes for the positive in our house, and am being met with so much resistance. It has been hard and there are days when I feel like quitting. But I am gonna soldier on.

So, that is a few of the things I wanna change about me and mine. Like I said there are other things on my mind, but they will only ever be discussed in my prayers.
Thanks for listening.

Aww, poor Fynn

My sweet little nephew Fynn was minding his own business hanging out in the park with his big brother, his mommy, and some friends and he broke his chubby little leg on the slide! I feel so sorry for him, he doesn't understand what's going on. But, I know his mommy is taking great care of him. We hope you get well soon, little punkin. We are gonna come visit tomorrow and we are gonna bring a surprise! Fynn and Chan have had bad luck at public parks. Here once again for your viewing pleasure is Chan's "big break" back in November.
Here is Fynn back in December. Isn't he a cutie pie?

Here he is in his cast. His poor little leg!

P.S. I am sorry, but I couldn't resist putting Chan's video on here again!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ashleysaurus Rex

It's official, I am a dinosaur... Never mind the fact that all the moms in my ward are under 30, or that I am gonna be 34 soon, I can't work my new cell phone! I feel like such an idiot. I guess reading the manual would help, but I am an instant gratification kind of girl. I want to be able to turn it on and use it. I want all my numbers programmed for me, I want to know all of it's quirks like I know my own. But, no. It is confusing the hell out of me. It is pretty darn fancy! I thought my old phone was pretty cool, what with a camcorder and stuff. This one looks like it's on, the display is lit up and you can piddle around on it, but you have to turn it on to make a call! All day I thought it was on, when in reality it was off and when I finally figured it out, I had 5 voice mails. If it wasn't so darn cute I might throw the damn thing!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Priceless ads are my favorite, I've done one on here before. You can find it here. Well, it's time for another. This one's a biggy. C'mon sometimes you need more than three things to make something priceless, duh!

Green Apple Fizz bubble bath- $10
Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner- $7
Dove Nutrium soap- $2
Olay cleansing cloths- $4
Neutrogena sugar scrub and body butter- $15
Daisy plus razors- $4
Crest toothpaste- $3
Listerine- $6
In Style magazine- $4
Taking "one of those" where there's plenty of hot water, no one walks in without knocking, all the kids are sleeping, I have great products, a new magazine and you feel like a new fresh smelling woman baths. Plus time to brush and floss- PRICELESS!

Since watermelons aren't in season yet,

I got the next best thing. These are the individually wrapped pieces, but they'll do just fine. They don't sell the sticks anymore, or even the all one flavor bags, ugghh! I had a love affair with watermelon sticks at one time. Just the name watermelon stick makes me happy. When I was a kid, I used to be seriously addicted. Then I grew up and figured I would look silly sucking on candy all the time. Plus, I would like to keep my teeth for as long as possible, never mind being a good example to my children. But, I was feeling nostalgic tonight and checked a few sites and sure enough found me a case of pure, sticky, sugary, fake fruit goodness. I guess these will be an early birthday present or something. When Kelli, Amy, and I were little our mom would drop us at the public pool for a couple of hours several days a week to swim. This was before the world was as psycho as it is now. Anyway, we would get to stop off at 7-11 on the way home from swimming to pick a treat. I would almost always get a stick and could make them last about 2 days, or until the next trip to the pool. There would even be an imprint of my tongue on the stick, gross. I am super excited, and I sound like I'm 9 again! Even though I am supposed to be trying to lose weight... I think I'll be ok, if I pace myself. Now, if I start buying my other childhood diet staples in bulk: chick-o-sticks, Skor bars, sixlets, and Funyuns I am gonna be in trouble.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

5 random, useless, boring things about me...

or in other words, I have been tagged. I am to tell you (as if you care) 5 random, useless, boring things about me. And, if I wasn't needing blog material I probably wouldn't even do this. Plus, my sister tagged me and I don't want to be rude.

**I chew and pick my cuticles, bad. Like bloody bad. It is disgusting. I am embarrassed for people to see my fingers. I have done it since I was about 5. That much damage to your cuticles for that long makes your nails grow in funny. I have lumpy talon looking nails. Yuck! The only cure that has worked is fake nails. But, they seem kinda cheer-leader-y.

**I have a mild case of OCD. Like, if I start a list on paper and my handwriting is bad, I will chunk it and start over. Sometimes as many as 10 sheets of paper with one or two words will be sacrificed. Poor trees, I am sorry. I always wash my hair twice and condition once, I park on the same side of the store every time, and I never say bye to the kids, but instead say see you later. I am afraid if I sway from these little routines, something bad will happen.

**I secretly think I am kinda pretty. But, only once in awhile. Usually I think I am the biggest dog on earth.

**I have a neat little trait that I inherited from my dad. I am able to "figure" people out after only meeting them once or twice. I can read them to a T. I can tell if you are genuine, if you are kind, if you are weird, if you are fake, etc. Everything. It's kinda scary. I am by no means clairvoyant or psychic or anything like that. I am just really good at reading people. And, I have never been wrong ever, not once. If I had chosen to be a cop or something this may have helped. Oh well. It is kinda fun though.

**I want another baby so bad that I can't even stand it. If I could have a set of twin girls, I would be happier than a pig in slop. I know it would be hard, I know it would be expensive, I know that I already have 4 gorgeous kids. But, I want another one, preferably a girl, BAD! I get teary eyed in the baby department at every store, I watch Baby Story everyday, I pray for another one. I have prayed for one for years, but alas, no baby. I really don't need another. I think it's just my biological clock ticking.

P.S. If you have heard these "random facts" before, I am sorry. And, I tag Vanessa, Erica, and one of those Granada girls... take your pick.

Blogging sux!

I have absolutely no desire to blog AT ALL... for now. It is dreary outside, we haven't gone anywhere exciting, haven't seen any good movies, the kids haven't said anything cute. We're just here. It's dreary and I feel like shit. I had a post Valentines luncheon yesterday and in all the chaos I forgot to take my new pills. Needless to say, I am not feeling so hot. Fajitas, blueberries, and chocolate are not my friends. Days like today I am so glad my kids are older and that we have enough crap around here to keep them busy. We have surfed (the net), vegged (on the couch), napped (on my bed), and read some books. I am fixing to go get some soup at Chick-Fil-A and then we're gonna bust out some board games. I might bathe and brush my teeth later, maybe. I am kinda used to my breath today. I managed to skim a few blogs today, and I got tagged. I might do that later too, who knows? I will be finding the energy to play with my new pink "bodypart" that came in the mail yesterday.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

For Sale

I am trying to make room in this crowded house and have a few items for sale:

V tech system with 4 games ($15.00 or best offer)
Spark Art easel ($15.00 or best offer)
Firm DVD's and fanny lifter ($40.00)
Women's Mountain bike ($30.00) brand new never ridden
Biggest Loser 2 workout DVD ($5)
Dancing with the Stars workout DVD ($5)
If you are interested leave me a comment.
P.S. I am fixing to do an overhaulin' re-decorating project around here and will have more stuff to list.

Happy Valentines Day!

Have a happy, kiss and hug filled, chocolate and flower infused day! Kisses to you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Way-back Wednesday

Chloe on the left, Christmas 1997 and me on the right, not sure of the age. I just thought the resemblance was uncanny. From the face, to the similar clothing colors, and the blue couches.

Me in my Indian Princess costume from a 1st grade program. That's my brother Jason in the background.

Me and my gay BFF at the time, Steven, circa 1990. We were inseperable at the time for about 2 years and totally had life figured out. At some point we had a falling out. For the life of me I can't remember why, but evidentally I creased him out of the photo. We took this pic at the Parks mall. Somebody has the whole package, I only have the one picture. My family couldn't stand the guy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The bag lady

Ok, so I have done this same post before. You can see the original here. But, in honor of my new pretty purse, which is smaller, I am again posting the contents of my old one. Brace yourselves, you'll never believe what I can cram into a handbag.

1. 1 tube of Neutrogena sunscreen
2. small tin containing 2 Applebee's gift cards
3. real estate magazine
4. 2 pairs of 3D glasses
5. 3 sample size tubes of hand lotion
6. 4 bills that I need to pay
7. 3 checkbooks- all empty
8. a bottle of Motrin
9. comment postcard from Red Robin
10. Sweet and Sassy pamphlet
11. 1 pair of red polka dot sunglasses
12. flyer from Gymboree, complete with coupons
13. 12 receipts (it's been a light shopping month!)
14. 2 birthday invitations
15. a bottle of Pepto Bismol
16. Imodium AD (yucky I know!)
17. 2 voter registration cards
18. 3 pens
19. 6 cough drops
20. 2 packs of gum, 1 empty
21. decals for the kid's number plates on their BMX bikes
22. 7 movie ticket stubs
23. makeup bag containing 6 lipglosses, 3 lipsticks, 1 lipliner, and a blush brush
24. my Ignite business cards complete with holder
25. 3 Lane Bryant gift checks
26. hand sanitizer spray
27. crayons from Red Robin
28. 4 old grocery lists and
29. about 75 business cards and various store "savings" cards

Whew, that's a lot of crap. I think I need to wash my hands now...
P.S. new purse here

Monday, February 11, 2008

The early bird gets the donuts

You know you need to grocery shop when you have to send your son to school with a PB&J sandwich minus the J. And when things in your frig wink at you and beg to be thrown out. To say we need groceries would be putting it lightly. Chan started power lifting this morning and practice is at 6. I VOLUNTEERED to drive him! (The poor kid actually had to eat a packet of regular flavor instant oatmeal, oh the horror!) It's Monday and of course my diet starts today like every Monday. I planned on taking him, thinking I'll stop at Wal-Mart on the way home and get some decent food for breakfast and lunches. Ha, Right! No, I did the only thing a sensible mom in the year 2008 with a debit card would do, I stopped at the donut store! The one with the drive-thru! For a split second I considered going in, but seeing that I was braless and had pants on under my gown, I decided against it. I really didn't want to be talked about in a foreign language either: "You see her, no bra!" "She have too many donuts already", etc. etc. I drive around the building to where the drive-thru window is and to my surprise there's a line! And, you have to tell the lady your order, no speaker. I quick check my breath and determine that I need gum, stat! I dig through my purse and the only problem: there is none. Surprise surprise, my kids chewed it all. So I shove a cough drop in and wait my turn to order. A dozen donuts and 4 milks later I am finally home with the warm white box full of sugary goodness my children will be oh so happy to see. I am about to go wake the family and head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast... and more lunches. Hot dogs and cereal bars anyone?
P.S. I offer a heartfelt apology to any teacher who has any of my children in class today. I know they are going to be on a sugar high before they abruptly crash. I promise tomorrow will be different. I will have gone to the grocery store and they will have had a decent breakfast. Like eggs or something.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The 7 habits of highly annoying yet loveable people I call family:

** Dropping their clothes 5 feet from the hamper or their dishes on the counter ABOVE the dishwasher. You've almost made it at that point, just go the distance. Open that hamper, pop open the dishwasher. You know you want to!

** Not flushing! Really guys, give your mom/wife a break. It's a lever! It's not like you have to cover it like a cat or get a bucket to wash it away. Just push it!!

**Putting the Sprite bottle, Capri Sun box, or milk carton back in the frig empty. Why? Does the frig look like it needs more playmates? There are plenty of moldy cheese wedges, wrinkly grapes, and McDonald's ketchup packets in there to make anyone happy.

**Wearing mis-matched socks. I know I totally suck at folding socks. But the sheer fact that there are at least 2,374 socks in the basket means you should at least be able to find 2 that match. And no, gray and tan socks don't make a pair...

**Using a new cup every single time you get a drink or a new towel every time you shower. It really is ok to re-use them. Mommy is tired of single handedly keeping Tide and Cascade in business. I am practically signing the bonus checks for the stiffs in charge. You're welcome guys, think of me the next time you're vacationing in Hawaii.

**Thinking I won't notice when you haven't brushed your teeth. Nice try, I would know that color anywhere. It ryhmes with mellow. And it's a dead giveaway that you and your toothbrush haven't talked in awhile. As if your breath isn't hint enough. Puppy breath is cute, if you're a puppy...

**Farting in the car. We have gone over this a million times. I find it hard to believe that you really need to fart 18 times from our driveway to the school. Do you make yourself fart? Or does it just happen? Because if you are making yourself fart, we know what that means...skid marks. And I am so not gonna go there.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My celebrity look alikes

** solid scientific proof that I don't look like Bette Midler **

Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Presents

When me and my sisters were little, every Friday was spent at the mall with our mom. She was a natural born shopper, still is, but when we were little it was torture. So, if we were good we would get a "Friday present". A reward for behaving and letting our mom shop in peace. Well, today I got 2 Friday presents and I never even left my house! My most favorite of all was an eagerly anticipated copy of my patriarchial blessing. I lost mine when we moved, it's somewhere hidden away in a giant blue Rubbermaid tub. I bawled and bawled as I read it, it made my day. My other present was this bad boy, photographed in each step of the unwrapping process:

I am so excited, I can barely contain myself. I no longer have to wait my turn for the computer, it's mine, all mine!! My new user name on MY computer is Princess Ashley. Hopefully I'll be inspired to write beautiful, funny, charming blog posts from now on!
P.S. Ignore my unmade bed... I had a lazy day today!

She's my cherry pie...

I just took the what kind of pie are you test. And I am cherry pie.
You Are Cherry Pie

You're the perfect combo of innocent and sexy.
At times, you seem a bit naive, simple, and innocent.
But at second glance, you are sensual, seductive, and even a little naughty.
You have people fooled - at least you'd like to think so.

Those who like you enjoy a contradiction.
Either that, or they can't really make up their minds about what they want.
And you can usually give people what they want... as long as you're in the mood.
You've been known to be quite tempestuous, and pleasing others is not high on your list of priorities.

Funny... the site, called blogthings has tons of cute quizzes. Click on the link on the right to select one. Pretty fun! As for me, I am now craving pie and am on my may to take the what kind of lipgloss are you quiz.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am LOST, and I love it!

It's a commercial break on Lost, and I am just giddy! This episode is freaking awesome! It is so good and so confusing I can't even believe it! I can't wait for the next 6 episodes... They better hurry up and start writing more episodes now that the writer's strike is over. What do ya'll think is going on?

Body Drama

I just bought this book on Monday, thinking it was something that would come in handy, since my daughter is at the edge of puberty. I have to admit I was curious as well. All I can say is WOW! All you ever wanted to know and were afraid to ask and then some. And the pictures, not for the faint of heart. Some, I can see as being helpful and even interesting. But, a page full of vaginas? Ummm, not sure that was necessary. It is very interesting and informative, and pretty darn funny. It was cool to see photos of women before and after they airbrush them for a magazine. I don't know about you, but sometimes when I look at a magazine with perfect airbrushed bodies, it can greatly affect my mood. Usually if I have a twinkie immediately afterwards I'm ok, but still... Anyway, go buy it, it's good!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good fortune, Hannah Montana, and a diagnosis

To say today was busy would be a giant understatement. After getting the kids off to school, I headed to the gastroenterologist. I finally know what's wrong: I have an ulcer and IBS. Yes, I will spare you the gory details. You're welcome. I am now on ulcer meds and a high fiber diet. Afterwards, Jon and I did something we haven't done in ages... no not that! We went driving around looking at houses, and even went into a few model homes. Talk about daydreaming, we found a house that seems like it was built for our family. The problem is, a family our size needs a house that is majorly expensive. But, it was fun to imagine. We then went on to PF Changs, yay! Except, Jon hogged the lettuce wraps! We barely got home in time to pick up the kids and get homework started. Then, Chloe and I were off again, to visit Kelli and the boys and then to see this. It was absolutely adorable. Miley Cyrus is so cute! I definitely think she is a very good role model, and she seems to have a heart of gold. We had to wait in a huge line full of kids of all sizes in wigs, glitter, and leggings. It was worth it, and the digital 3D was awesome. It is so much better than the old 3D. That movie made me want to be 12 again, complete with my old Chuck Taylors, fingerless gloves, and bubblegum pink lip gloss. I am so gonna get Chloe's Hannah Montana cds and stick them in the car. I highly recommend this movie for any family that has little girls, it was really fun! So, there you have it. I am finally home and exhausted! Before I go, I want to share my fortune from lunch. Ok, one I found on the floor. I took it as a sign that it was meant for me, I didn't like what my other one said.

Ashley's fortune: The courage to be great lies deep within each of us.

Way-Back Wednesday

I have no idea how old I am, maybe 1 or so. Man, I sure was cute though!

This is me in Kindergarten, on my first soccer team.

Here I am at 19. I was fixing to walk out the door for a church activity...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelli!

I hope your day is wonderful! Thanks for being a great sister and friend. You are a great mommy, I am so proud that I was able to be with you when you brought your babies into the world. I hope all your birthday wishes come true, you deserve it.
Oceans of Love,
Ash and family

Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy

You look exactly the same. Thanks for getting married and having me, and all the other kids too. Here's to many more years.
Love, Rat

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hayden's Masterpiece

Now, is that a dinosaur or is that a dinosaur? I thought I was watching Land Before Time for a second....Hayden rocks, he's sweet, handsome, super fast at BMX, and now an artist! He's a man of many talents.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Home Safely

We made it back in one piece, yee haw! We are probably the most tired we have ever been. We had a ton of fun and are kinda bummed that it's back to the grindstone tomorrow. Especially Chloe, she wants to go back. I honestly think she would be fine traveling the country watching her brothers race. Staying in hotels, eating out, etc. She is kinda down about school tomorrow and our trip being over. I have been trying to cheer her up this evening. We deep conditioned her hair, painted toenails, and ordered tickets to the Hannah Montana concert "movie". She seems to be snapping out of it. The boys I think are more tired and are glad to sleep in their own beds. Hayden did ok this weekend, but did not make any of his main events. We purchased a small trophy for him, so he wouldn't feel left out, because Hunter hit the mother load! He got 4 trophies!! He got a trophy for qualifying for his main event, a 2nd place trophy (it's over 3 feet tall!), and two 3rd place trophies (they're over 2 feet tall). He is on cloud nine! I am so proud of my boys! Anyway, just wanted to update everyone on our weekend. I am going to be adding my links and photos back on here tomorrow or the next day, so bear with me. I am also hoping to get a few videos on here of the boys racing. So, check back often. Have a happy Monday!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

more BMX pics




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