Monday, September 28, 2009

Umbilicus Frustratus...

Camden's belly button/umbilical cord stump has been giving me fits. Probably because I have been so anxious to try out his new bathtub... He went for his 2 week checkup on Friday (he has gained 10oz and 1/2 an inch) and his pediatrician told me his cord would likely stay attached for several more weeks. She said he had a flat cord, meaning it was attached straight and flat across his belly button and that no air was getting to it which helps it dry out and eventually fall off. It had been oozing and bleeding a tiny bit here and there but nothing bad. Back when all my other kids were born you put alcohol on the cord to speed the drying up and falling off of the cord. Apparently that is no longer standard, you just keep the diaper folded down and continue sponge bathing so it doesn't get wet. I was told by the doctor that if it hadn't fallen off by the time he's one month old that I should bring him in and they would use a silver nitrate stick to burn it off. Lovely. Well, apparently all of her picking, poking and prodding sped the "healing process" right on up... That night around 10 or so he got fussy- BAD. He would scream as if he was in pain but only sporadically. I thought it was gas and that we were in for a long night. And, boy were we. He cried like he was hurting all night long and he would draw his legs up, much like when they have gas pains. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was hurting him. I changed him by nightlight a few times and saw teeny spots of pus on his onesie but no more than I had previously. He didn't fall into a deep sleep until around 7 am and that was only after I swaddled him up like a burrito. At 11 Chloe came in and woke me up and as I was getting ready for my day I had her unwrap him so he would wake up to eat. That is when she asked me in a panic if I had seen his belly button.... what I saw freaked me out beyond belief. I had never seen so much blood and pus on a newborn baby in my life. Plus, his belly button was hard, hot, and swollen. So, in a panic I called Erin and had her rush over- since she's down the street, and, she too was in shock and had never seen anything like it either. I immediately called the nurse's line at my pediatrician's office and they advised me to clean it as often as possible with alcohol and they had me draw a line around the redness on his tummy. If the redness went past the line I drew he would have to go to the ER. Thankfully by the next morning the swelling, redness and leftover stump were gone! Whew, I was so afraid it was infected and that he was gonna need antibiotics at such a young age not to mention being in the ER with all the other sickies. Man, kids sure do keep you on your toes...

Camden's swollen belly button (yes my ink line was way off)

his onesie soaked in blood, pus and laundry detergent

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homecoming Mums

This week me and my friend Erin made Chandler and Hunter mums for Homecoming. Those two stinky boys informed me they had dates for Homecoming 1 week before Camden was due to arrive. I informed them (with smoke coming out of my ears) that as soon as I got the baby here safely and had a day or two to recover that I would make mums. And, true to my word when Camden was 6 days old I took my hot post pregnant bod to Michael's with Erin and shopped for supplies. Of course I left Jon in charge of all the kids and he did splendidly even though the baby screamed for breast milk almost the entire time. It was nice to get out even though I was a bit scatterbrained and Erin had to pretty much shop for me. Making them was fun if not a little interesting, simply because we kept burning our fingers on the glue gun and I had to stop and breastfeed ALOT. Thank goodness I had Erin on diaper and rocking duty... she swore she didn't mind! On another note- I just want to say how absolutely grateful I am to Miss Erin. I have known her for about 4 years but it feels like a lifetime. She is an AMAZING friend and has been there for me so many times and I can never thank her enough. She arranged all of our dinners to be brought in for a solid week, brought me lunch, sat with Camden so I could shower, helped me make and deliver mums, and even ran over at a moment's notice to watch the baby so I could run all the way out to Jon's shop (what? we live on almost 2 acres....) She has been a lifesaver! Love you Erin. Anyway- I'll shut up now and show you the mums. I will hopefully get awesome pics of the boys and their dates up Saturday.

The silver and white mum is for Chan's date. Apparently all Seniors do a silver and white mum. The pics don't show the cute stuff we added (my camera stinks). But there is a whistle, a lipgloss, Sharpie marker, musical notes, Tootsie Rolls, and Dum Dum pops in addition to all the footballs (him) and tennis stuff (her). It was gonna have bubble wands too, but I forgot... Either way-I love it and I hope she does too!!

The blue and black is for Hunter's date. She's a freshman and he's in 8th! Hers has alot of the same stuff as the other one except his date is on the swim team and she has a rabbit's foot on hers. I am kinda bummed that I didn't get a chance to add bubble wands or a BMX bike like I had planned and I was gonna do lights but they would only last 8 hours. But, she loved it as much as I did so that's a good sign!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And she's overwhelmed.... week 2 as a family of 7

Wow! Overwhelmed is a massive understatement.... It has been interesting around here. Let's just say my recovery period officially ended Sunday evening. I love my hubby to death, but he ran out of steam around the time the visitors stopped coming in droves. He lasted longer than I thought. He has been getting Hayden from school on his lunch break which is great, and does a random chore here or there- but it's never really enough. Basically things are one step forward two steps back around here. I am constantly nursing, changing diapers, or washing baby clothes. Today alone Camden went through 7 outfits! I am lucky to get a shower and to brush my teeth around 1 each morning. With the big kids, Jon, laundry, dishes, school stuff, my Facebook addiction and the baby- it's the earliest I get a moment to myself. A smart mommy would leave crap undone, but I just can't. One night this past week I got in bed at 1 and Camden woke up at 2 and stayed up til 6.... I was climbing into bed when my kids were having breakfast. Then there's the animals, they are always looking at me with hunger in their eyes. But really- they're fine and besides how am I supposed to nurse a baby when I barely have time to eat? Thank goodness for granola bars and Hot Pockets! And, speaking of food- our dinner fairies stopped bringing food on Sunday. So sad... I think Jon took it harder than anyone. Man, was it ever nice. So far this week we aren't setting the world on fire with our own home cooked meals either. Last night- chili dogs, tonight- Dairy Queen. Seriously I gotta do some intense healthy meal planning since my diet officially restarts Monday. I am only 12 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. You gotta love breastfeeding, I have lost 6 pounds since Sunday! Woo hoo! Anyway... back to my rambling. I am trying my hardest to spread myself out and be Supermom, but it's easier said than done. Don't get me wrong, I am so in love with my family and our beautiful new son. But, I didn't know stress til now! There have been funny moments as well. Like, Cam's insanely loud bowel movements that produce a dime size spot of poop and the random giggles and smiles he is so good at while sleeping. I think my biggest guilt feeling/gripe though is spreading me around so everyone gets attention and in the process I am neglecting Ashley... Which, I guess is a gripe nearly every mom I know also has. So, it has been crazy, fun, intense, exhausting- you name it! Basically, I guess we are trudging along and having a happy chaotic time figuring out our new normal- whatever normal is?!

P.S. I also managed to make two homecoming mums this week, with tons of help from my friend Erin. I literally gave up two showers to make those bad boys. You're welcome Chandler and Hunter... I will post pics soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Camden is 1 week old!

Oh man, I have been wanting to blog but I am barely keeping my head above water. So, this post will probably be kinda long and hopefully not at all boring....

First things first- yes I am gonna blog about my "birth story" eventually and I have given myself a month to update the blog title and add new photos since we are no longer a family of 6. I just need to search for a header and background I like and also new pics need to be taken. That being said- where do I start?

It has been an amazing, stressful, happy, weepy, blessed first week with a new baby around here. We are sooo in love with Cam and can't get enough. I had an audience (the entire family) for his first big tarry poop and his first sponge bath. The kids are pretty fascinated by their new brother and I probably could have saved a ton of money on baby gear as he's always in someone's arms. Breastfeeding has gone as well as could be expected for someone whose boobs haven't nursed a baby in almost 8 years. Sore and cracked. But, I suffer through and it's getting better. He is getting enough to eat for sure and has already gained 1/4 inch and only lost 1/2 a pound per his first doctor's appointment. So that is great news. I however have been a bit weepy since coming down off a hormone high. I have either been head over heels in love with my family or overwhelmed or tired so I cry here and there. But, I have amazing friends and family who have kept me sane. I do have a bit of cabin fever and the blahs as well, probably from lack of sunshine. I really want to get out but it's too soon and I am TERRIFIED of swine flu, colds, etc. So, I am staying put and trying to keep my chin up. A shower does wonders as does brushing my teeth. We have also been spoiled rotten by our friends who have kept us fed. We have had casseroles, lasagna, spaghetti, tacos, and DESSERTS! It's amazing! We have saved a ton of time and $$ which are in short supply with such a big family. I get teary eyed just thinking of how blessed we are. Really, who knew people really liked us and wanted to help? I am stunned. So far each day is pretty routine- Jon and the kids go off to work and school and the baby and I go back to bed! We spend our days nursing, diapering, resting, and I watch TV and do minor chores here and there. I spend a huge portion of each day kissing Camden and rubbing his velvety head and soft feet. I love the way he smells and my most favorite of all is how he quiets down at the sound of my voice and the way he "roots" for a nipple on my face. He is so sweet and of course- PERFECT! I seriously can't believe having another baby was a question all these years. Yes, it is hard having 5 kids and juggling all that comes with our life but when I look at their faces it is so worth it!

sleeping, look at those hands...

sleeping some more

wide awake at bedtime

same as above, and yes he sleeps with us

he slid way down in his boppy

first bath

I promise...

to blog soon. I have been a little bit busy. I have several cute pics to post and things I must say- but I'm tired and my picture program is being ghetto. And, I'm tired. Camden has been in a deep sleep for over an hour and I did laundry instead of sleeping. I am sure I'll be reminded of what a dumb decision that was at around 3 am. I am just so tired. Plus, I have two homecoming mums to make. I need an assistant or a nanny or anyone. Thank goodness for the kindness of friends and family. Without whom the smoothness of this past week would not have been possible. I am a very blessed and extremely lucky person. I can't thank Heavenly Father enough for all of the blessings he has given me and my family. I will try my hardest to blog in the morning, or I might nap... we'll see!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

He's Here!!

Mr. Camden McCay Myers made his grand entrance into the world on September 10, 2009 at 4:11 am. He weighed 8lbs 6oz and was 22 inches long. He is a chunk with reddish blonde hair and is already a breastfeeding pro! We are in LOVE! I will get on in the next few days and post details about the birth.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A whole lotta nuthin'

Well, I am still pregnant. Crap! Even though I am scared to death of childbirth and newborns in general, I truly am ready to be through with pregnancy- forever! Things have just been SO WEIRD around here. I have had several signs that labor is imminent and was sure he was coming the last two nights. Then, things would stop out of nowhere. I have literally woken up Monday and Tuesday, gotten chores done, kids off to school, and rested all day long thinking any minute my contractions and other symptoms* (TMI, but at the bottom of the post if you're curious) would pick up steam. It has been very frustrating to say the least. I haven't been cooking at all. We have just been doing bachelor food (mac-n-cheese, nachos, raviolis, Ramen, etc) just because- A) I'm exhausted and B) I can't think straight long enough to prepare a meal. I even went so far as to have my mom stay the night last night because I was POSITIVE he was coming. She is now back home, bags packed waiting for my call. I have my sweet friend Erin (my kid's second mom practically) at my beck and call helping me out as well. I feel like everyone around me is holding their breath and I feel like I am disappointing everyone or like The Lady Who Cried Labor. So, once again my bags are by the door, we had a quick easy dinner, and I am freshly bathed in my pj's waiting once more for labor. I sure hope I can start a good labor pattern before 7:30am and I can avoid an induction tomorrow morning. Plus, maybe baby boy can pick his own cool birth date without me prompting him. Once again, Thanks So Much for all the sweet phone calls, texts, and Facebook messages. I am sure y'all are just as ready as I am for him to come. Then, I can get busy blogging about sore nipples, yellow poop, and how tired I am.

*mucus plug and bloody show*

Saturday, September 5, 2009

waiting, waiting and more waiting.....

I am sitting here on my bed, with a laptop, outfitted in PJ's. And, I am waiting- for a contraction, my water to break, or a baby to land on my bed. I have cleaned the entire house many times over. The clothes the kids slept in are already washed and folded. There is a ton of food in the house and still I wait. For some reason I just knew I was gonna go into labor last night, because I had a hair appointment today I guess? And, obviously he isn't here yet. I had a rough night of sleep, my back was killing me and my dog barked ALL NIGHT LONG. So, I cancelled my hair appointment. The thought of driving to Mansfield when I would rather be resting didn't sound very appealing at all. Plus, I figured when he's a few weeks old a fresh color and cut would do wonders after many sleepless nights, poopy diapers, spit up in the hair, and day after day of sweats and bad breath. Honestly who is gonna notice my hair-do when I am busy pushing a baby out anyway?
Anyway- as of now I have an induction scheduled Wednesday (9-9-09) if I choose to be induced or I haven't gone into labor by then. I am very leery of inductions- I have been induced twice and when your baby isn't ready to come out, it' a long brutal process. So, I am gonna try anything and everything to get labor going this weekend. And, if not I will cancel the induction if I chicken out. The 9-9-09 birthday would be cool, but I really want him to be born on his watch not mine. I am just surprised that he hasn't come yet. I haven't really been resting at all. I have cleaned and walked and pushed myself physically every day for the last two weeks and still he's staying put. He has dropped so low and I have so much pressure down below that for the first time in 5 pregnancies- I WADDLE!
So, that's the state of things. I am just waiting. Today I am alternating between the couch, my bed, housework, the bathroom, and the fridge. And, I am crossing my fingers....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

In a nutty shell...

Today I:

got up at 6
went to the OB at 10
got numb/frostbite butt sitting "naked from the waist down" waiting on OB, I am no more dilated or effaced than I was last week... CRAP!
had lunch at home by myself at 12:30
surfed the net til 2
picked Hayden up from school early because I can
napped from 3:15 til 5 (love having older kids, they made their own snack and started homework!)
did a spit shine on entire house and cooked and ate dinner from 5:30 til 7:30
forgot that it was Meet the Teacher at the middle school between bites of meatloaf, oops!
folded three baskets of laundry and read with Hayden
put Hayden and Chloe to bed at 9
haven't left the couch or computer since, except to pee 7 times
fixing to go to bed, I might brush my teeth....

Tomorrow I'm

getting the kids off to school from 6 til 8
sitting my fat butt on the couch at 8:01 and I am only getting up to eat and potty

**I am not leaving the couch til 2 when I have to get ready to get Hayden. This is because I am SO DONE being pregnant and I am tired. And, because I can. Tomorrow after school- who knows? It depends on if I can tap into some energy of kind. Doubtful. Did I mention I'm done? I have never been more glad to see Friday coming and I might be able to muster a cartwheel because it's a three day weekend. Maybe. Watch me go into labor on Labor Day, how fitting.

P.S. please pray for rain, this will make my Couch Potato Fest all the more fun!