Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Giveaway!

As promised I am doing a giveaway in honor of 700 posts and because school is out in like, 4 days. Amen! I had all these grand plans for one of the baskets and life is just too busy to craft. Heck, I can barely find time to bathe... Anyway. Enter by leaving a comment indicating which basket you want. I'll devise a way to choose a winner and let you know via email if you've won. I'm starting the giveaway now and ending it whenever I darn well please. Or in other words- whenever I, A) remember and B) have time. I have two baskets to gift. One is a daytime fun basket- sidewalk chalk, water guns, water balloons, bubbles, and freezer pops. The other is a s'mores basket- s'mores forks, hershey bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers. If you want to enter both let me know or if you only want to try your luck at one please indicate. Ready. Set. Enter.

outdoor/daytime fun basket

s'mores basket

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Holy Cow! 700 posts?!

Oh crap! My life is INSANE lately. I cannot stress that enough. Jon started a second full time job on Monday and I have been playing single parent and it is HARD. He's been working 6am til about 8pm every night. My kids are driving me nuts- mainly my daughter and my baby. Chloe is just a giant teenage drama queen. Camden is so spoiled that not having his mommy to himself like normal has turned him into a ginormous cry baby. He has fussed so much this week that he is hoarse. Blah! My other kids, on the other hand, are being complete angels.
Anyway, I did want too acknowledge my 700th post! I cannot believe I was able to talk/type that much interesting (I hope) stuff. I am doing an awesome giveaway to kick off Summer. I am crossing my fingers that by tomorrow morning I'll have it ready to present.... I sure hope you've enjoyed reading all about my life- kids, husbands, babies, teenagers, periods and poop to name a few highlights! Now, I'm off to get kids from school and take Chan to his physical therapy appointment. Oh and Cam's out of baby food and I need to go to the DMV and I have to make cupcakes and buy a gift, and.... you get the point.
THANKS for reading! I love y'all to bits! Keep checking for my giveaway, it'll be on here before the goodies are obsolete, I hope.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yeah, so I forgot to blog. Or something. I'm sure my previous post had nothing to do with me being tired, bloated, cranky, stressed, weepy and in no mood to blog. Oh no, Aunt Flo doesn't do that. She's a nice visitor. One who doesn't cause trouble or make messes and never overstays her welcome. Yeah right. Let's be honest- the last 5 days have been AWFUL. Basically I have been begging for menopause. Case closed. In other news- I am super bummed about LOST ending, I can't get Camden to sleep through the night without his (my) precious boobers, I've been walking 2 miles every night and my scale has a death grip on the exact same number while I have a death grip on anything and everything chocolate, and other than a few little happy spots, my Mother's Day was the worst one I have ever ever had. I really don't wanna go into detail, because I am all cried out. But, don't feel sorry for me, I am a big girl and as Jon told me- it's just a silly commercialized holiday. Ugghh. Men are so retarded. Tell me why we need them again? And, that's all I've got except for two teeny little things in my head. 1) does anybody know a plastic surgeon who wants to lift, tuck, and suck my body pro bono just because he/she is nice and I'm cute? It might be a tax write off for him/her. 2)This is my 699 post since August of '07 and I MIGHT do a giveaway to celebrate the BIG ONE. Maybe, but don't get too excited. I might decide to not blog again for a month or more. It all depends on what drama/loveliness might or might not get thrown my way.

Friday, May 7, 2010


So I've been a hormonal mess the past few days. Nothing new really- I mean I had finally leveled out a little bit from when Camden was born and was feeling normal and then bam! I have been crying like a baby this week. Well, guess what? Aunt Flo decided to come for a visit for the first time since December of 2008. That's right internet- I got my period. I haven't missed it. Not One Bit. I guess it's time to revisit the feminine hygiene aisle of CVS and bust out the Midol. Oh freaking joy. And, if you are cringing at this post- who cares. Whose blog is this? Mine! And, I am hormonal- so look out, especially men named Jon.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am a mom right?

So, Mother's Day is coming. This year is different, since it was reaffirmed back in September that I am indeed some one's mommy. I think I had forgotten... I have always been a simple (boring) person and I have become even more low maintenance and boring than usual. I have heard having a baby does that to a girl. This year, just like last a big chunk of my family will be at BMX, because that is VERY important. I will likely be alone at church with Camden and I will go see my mommy as my boys who don't ride the bicycles or go to church don't really get the concept of the "holiday". I have to confess- I don't either. I think moms should always be honored and respected. It's always difficult to figure out what to do or where to go on Mother's Day because Jon and I obviously both have moms and we still haven't (after 15 years) figured out a workable family visitation for holidays. And, I have heard it a million times before- I am not his mom. So, with that being said, I really don't know what is going on Sunday. Ok, I think I may have gotten off on a tangent or on a soapbox- take your pick! The point of this post was that I am simple (boring) and would only like simple things for "my day".

My Mother's Day Wish List

I would like:

One night of uninterrupted sleep (no cuddling, no nursing, nothing). I just wanna sleep on my tummy and not have to get up for anything until 8 wondrous hours of slumber have commenced.

A foot rub. One that lasts, and one that I don't have to beg or pay for.

A glorious yummy meal consisting of all of my favorite foods (steak, shrimp, salads, cheesy stuff, avocado, chocolate, etc etc) that I can eat while it's fresh and hot and afterwards I don't get sick to my stomach. Not gonna hold my breath.

A gift certificate to the following- pedicure place, the hair salon, the massage place, my favorite shoe store, my favorite clothing store, and Target. HAHAHAHAHA! As my dad would say- you can wish in one hand and S*&T in the other.

A nice long bubbly bath with a cheesetastic magazine and all the hot water that my heart desires. If I could take it without Camden staring at my boobs or chewing on the empty shampoo bottle that would be a bonus.

A ginormous bouquet of sunflowers, my favorite flower (weed). So sunny and summery and cheerful!

And, I think that's all. While all those things sound amazing and stuff, what I really want is to be with my all my kiddos with no fighting or texting or crying or TV or computer or drama. I just want them to get IT ya know? I know that's asking alot but I can wish right?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

mommy and baby

Who wants to see a current picture of me and Camden? Hopefully YOU! Here you go. Oh, he might have a few boogers- this was before his bath and after mine. Jon and I got to leave the house tonight so I got to wear decent clothes and makeup. I might have even brushed my teeth. We went to a friend's 40th birthday party and stopped afterwards for Olive Garden to go. Hey, not the steak I was craving but who am I to complain?

I'm not looking at the camera mother!

this is soooo annoying...

Hey, what's that?

mommy, stop squishing my face!

here Cam, here's how you do it. Smile like mommy!