Friday, June 11, 2010

Me: on another diet

Yeah, so I'm dieting again. This time, (crosses fingers) I am doing a little better than before. Amen to breastfeeding. Which I'm probably going to be doing until Camden starts kindergarten... Anyway, I am doing much like I did before when I lost a little over 20 pounds- watching portions, having mustard instead of mayo, lots of fresh fruit, only diet sodas, etc. I am allowing myself about 1500 calories per day, sometimes less sometimes more. I still need to maintain a good diet since Cam nurses ALOT. Which is ok with me, because I am losing it quicker than I thought I could. Why didn't I start this when he was 7 weeks old instead of 7 months old? Oh yeah- postpartum depression. Anyway... I normally wouldn't post my starting weight being the internet and all. But, what the hell? So here goes:

my highest non-pregnant weight- 258 (after my appendix surgery)
9 months pregnant weight- 270
weight when I started dieting- 231
weight now- 211.6

Yep, that's right! I have lost 19.4 pounds since April 15th (58.4 since I delivered Cam). It has been crazy- trying to count calories in addition to fitting in a 2 to 3 mile walk every day. The calorie counting has been pretty easy, thanks to an app called Lose It on my phone. The walks are another matter- it's stray angry dog city out here. But, I'm managing thanks to walking with some friends and a wooden sword from Medieval Times! Seriously though, I am so close to being under 200 it's crazy! I am pretty stoked especially since A) I havent weighed this amount since Chloe was 6 months old and B) I am at the smallest size Lane Bryant sells which means I can finally start shopping for clothes somewhere else! Yeehaw! Not that their clothes aren't cute, I'm just tired of that being one of the only places I can shop. I would dress totally different if my options for clothing weren't so limited. Plus, those fat girl clothes are expensive! All that extra fabric... So, wish me luck. I hope to be chosen for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue next Summer. Not really.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

He's got him a high school deeplomaaa!

Oh my gosh... really. I cannot believe my Chan graduated high school. Not that I ever doubted him, not one bit. I am seriously dripping snot and tears as I type this. I guess I'm not good with change, or knowing that he's officially a big kid now and technically doesn't need me anymore. Basically the scissors are hovering near the apron strings and I'm trying to back away... All these years I knew it would hit me HARD when graduation day came. I had him my Senior year and didn't do the whole walk across the stage thing and this was like I graduated right along with him. I just can't believe I won't have to replace another school ID or wash his favorite dress code shorts at midnight or make him his favorite brown bag lunch again and that is making the lump in my throat bigger than it needs to be. I remember every single moment of his first day of kindergarten: he had sausage and pancakes and wore a black and white t-shirt with jeans and these little Payless brand tennis shoes. We even stopped at Sack -n- Save for kleenex because that's a "required" school supply item and I believe we got him an ultra groovy soccer backpack at S&S too. Weird. I was so afraid he was gonna cry and that little fart walked away from me and started coloring and said- "you can go now Mom". Umm, okay. And, he has continued to amaze me ever since- winning 3 spelling bees to reading Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings in 2ND GRADE!! And, man oh man all the neat stories he would write. He has always loved literature and it wasn't until he was 15 that he developed a love of music and guitar. I am just so very happy that I have been able to get to know, teach, and love this kid and love that he teaches me too. I asked my friend Kathi earlier when the lump in my throat would go away and she said never, it just changes as life does and as you experience more and more as you live. Well put. However, I wish mine would simmer down a bit. I'm having a hard time breathing.

Anyway- yesterday was nuts! Typical for us of course but I think it was nuttier than normal. It was a very long day. Starting with Hayden's field day and ending with Chan's graduation. The venue was jampacked and parking was scarce. I ended up parking in a lot but then it started pouring and the attendant ducked for cover, so I never paid, oops. I had Hunter and Cam with me and my mom went in with Chloe and Jon, Hayden, and Chan had gotten there earlier. I was so afraid I was gonna miss him walking in but thankfully I was able to get in there in time. As soon as the music started I stood in amazement and bawled like a baby. And, let's see- I couldn't take my stroller in the stands, my carseat was blocking the aisle and Cam lost patience quick. All in all I was in and out of the stands about ten times. Getting out to leave was insane, I lost my whole family and was shoved many many times. Which, for a feisty redhead was not fun, I tried super hard to maintain my cool.... It was just a crazy night. I drove my mom back to Grand Prairie and scarfed down two Whataburger taquitos in her driveway, the first meal I'd had since noon and it was nearing midnight. Anyway- I am not sure what the future holds for Chan or any of us to be honest. But, I am sorta excited to find out!

about to take their seats for the ceremony

The Graduate!

our family

mama and her baby

the official document

Ding Ding Ding!

We have our winners!

Laura- you've won the s'mores basket!


Kathi- you've won the outdoor fun basket!

Yay! Thanks for reading and entering and stuff!!

P.S. Laura- I will bring yours to church and Kathi- I can bring yours to GP or I can take it to Erica's :)