Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Hooter-iffic Evening

Tonight me and Jon took the kids to the Halloween store Spirit to look at decorations and pick out costumes. We had a blast looking at all of the neat and scary goodies. All that playing around got us pretty hungry. So we stopped at Hooters! I had always been pretty apprehensive about going there, especially with the kids. But I admit I was curious. And honestly lately I realized it wasn't a big deal. I know how that sounds. I never really thought of the kids view of it, especially the boys. I guess I was like alot of women and wasn't sure I wanted Jon or the boys to go there. But, I figured it wouldn't hurt to go ONE time. It was so not what I expected. For starters the girls are all barely over the age of 12. And the food is definitely not the reason people go. Plus, there were so many TV's playing football games that the boys barely paid any attention to the girls. Except Chloe who notices everything, she was confused by the waitresses "dark legs" and tall socks. The boys behaved very well. And Chloe and Hayden colored the entire time. So, we've been there done that and I don't think I'll ever be a Hooters girl. (employee or patron!)

Friday, September 28, 2007

There was an old family who lived at the zoo...

Last night when Jon and I were sleeping I had a dream there was spider web stuck to my fingers. I even woke up to brush it away. Well, I quickly realize we have every critter possible out here in the country and jump out of bed.I flick on the light not even thinking it'll disturb Jon, and there on the pillow is a big, fat cricket!! I tell him to wake up that there's a cricket on the pillow, he lifts his head, looks at it, and swats it off. I'm thinking it died and I'll find it when I vacuum today. But, no it is as we speak on my nightstand lampshade!! So, I grab our cat Bella and shove her face towards it, NOTHING! I snap my fingers next to it, NOTHING! So, I do the only thing a girl scared of bugs can do: I knock the SH*T out of it and it flies across the room. It better be dead! Well, in honor of this post I thought I'd show a few photos of the various "creatures" that have wandered onto our property this past year. Not shown, but seen:
scorpion in shower, skunk, possum, armadillo, squirrel, coyote, tarantula, owl, buzzard, and a million black widows and more bunnies than you could ever count!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good things come in three's

1. Chandler's team won another game!!! 41-21 against Burleson. Yay! Go Chan!

2. The season premiere of Ugly Betty was groovy! Should be a great season!

3. Hayden was principal for community helper day. He rocked it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Golden Girls

Are you there Blanche? It's me Dorothy. So, I was at Wal-Mart once again for paper towels and apple butter for Hayden's class and I saw the cutest thing. I am cruising up the aisle that goes longways across the back of the store, and I see this older lady talking on her cell phone, asking the person on the other end "where are you? I'm on aisle 7."
Now, I rarely see the 75+ crowd on cell phones or a computer for that matter, but when I do I think it's kinda funny. Well, imagine my surprise when I saw another older lady followed by a man on a scooter talking on HER cell phone. So, naturally I slow down because I'm nosey and a little intrigued. Lo and behold I hear the second lady say "I can't see you, where are you ?"
So I pipe in, on the off chance they're together "she's over there" and I point at the first lady. They immediately turn the corner, bump into one another, look over at me and we all start cracking up in the middle of Wal-Mart. It was really funny and so cute. I imagine me and Erin in 30 or 40 years doing the same thing.

Can I Borrow Some Money?

Seriously though, it's getting expensive to have kids in school. And we're not talking college here. This is just elementary, intermediate, and high school. We are at the beginning of the 5th week of school and so far I have bought or donated the following:
1. a school spirit shirt for Hayden
2. treasure box items for Hayden's class
3. books at the book fair (for us and the classrooms)
4. a jar of apple butter
5. new lanyards (for school id's)
6. a yellow polo and a blue polo (color days at Hayden's school)
7. pencils and snacks for Chloe's class
8. a practice writing tablet for Hayden
9. school pictures for Hunter and Chloe
10. admission and snacks at 4 JV football games
The sad thing is this is just the tip of a VERY large iceberg. Since I have had kids in school, not a single week goes by that you don't buy at least one thing per kid.
I anticipate to spend money on the following things this year: School pictures, 4 yearbooks, fall pictures, at least 4 field trips, a homecoming mum, spring pictures, a group photo for Hayden, snacks (donated to class), t-shirts, spring book fair, more school supplies, project supplies, teacher gifts (for birthdays, a new baby, Christmas, and end of year gifts), fundraiser items, the Angel tree at school, disposable cameras, fall carnival, various donations for parties, and etc, etc.
And let's not forget all the birthday parties and special outfits that come up at a moments notice. I don't remember it being like this when we were younger. I know my parents tried to get as much as possible, but there is no way they could keep up with these demands. In reality all they need each day is a sack lunch, clean clothes, and school supplies. I could say no to all the other junk. But I won't. I'll just rearrange the grocery and bill money and make it work.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Notes on a Monday

There's not alot going on around here. But thought I would get on and do a little post, just about stuff. It was definitely Monday, as everyone had homework. Even Hayden. He has to memorize and be able to write his birthday by Friday, and he has a presentation Thursday. He has to choose a "community helper" and do a report on their responsibilities, job description etc . He has chosen to be a principal, so he can wear his Spider-man tie.
Chandler managed to miss the bus home today. That happens once a week, so nothing new there. He wouldn't hurry if his butt was on fire. He just waltzes through life without a care in the world. It's kinda funny. He is just so different from most kids his age. He could care less about driving or a cell phone. Just give him a book, his guitar, and he's good to go.
Chloe has been feverishly practicing her back handspring/back tuck and has gotten quite good at it. It looks like we may be enrolling her in gymnastics again.
Hunter, Hunter, Hunter. What can I say buddy? He is turning into a social little thing. We were at Sonic the other day getting a drink and these girls from the next car were waving at him and when he would look they would duck. We got the 3 older kids a cell phone to share which Hunter has claimed as his own. It rings CONSTANTLY! He reminds me of a little teen heart-throb. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw him running down the street one day with girls chasing him and screaming.
Jon and I really enjoy Dancing With The Stars, and tonight didn't disappoint. I think the women are going to give the men a run for their money. Should be an exciting season. For those of you who don't watch it, you should tune in. It's really good.
And on a final note, I think our next kitchen chairs need to be wicker or something. Definitely not wooden seats. This way the barking spiders don't constantly interrupt breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Anyway, I'm off to the tub with my new bubble bath and a magazine. It's been a long day.
Til we meet again.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dear friend,

I am sorry for what you are going through. I truly wish I could take away your pain. I will be always be here for you no matter what.

Centuries Old Cure

Hayden managed to get a few mosquito bites last night. Nothing new here. But, we constantly go through Cortaid or something similar. I guess we got it from my Grandma Anderson, who believed Cortaid to cure anything and everything. Muscle aches, bee stings, burns, scratches: Cortaid was the answer. Here we use it for itching, and nothing more.
So, I wasn't surprised that we were out of it as the mosquitos have been bad this year. I dug through every nook, cranny, and cabinet to locate something anti-itch. Hayden got in our bed last night and scratched all night long. It got worse when he went outside and started to sweat . So I grabbed the only anti-itch cream I could find: a tube of expired Vagisil. My grandma is turning over in her grave as we speak. And if Jon finds out...

Happy Birthday Mom !

Well, you're creeping closer to THAT number. I won't disclose your age to my millions of readers (ha ha) . I hope your birthday is beautiful, wonderful, fun, and amazing. Make Dad take you for a steak dinner.

Love, Rat

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Quit !

I officially give up today ! It is 5 against 1 and I am losing badly ! I am referring to housework. I feel as if I can't keep up with the messes. Even if I clean all day long they mess it up in 5 minutes flat.
How do they do it ? That fast no less ?
I am battling legos, mounds of laundry, flip-flops, crayons, soap scum, dust bunnies, and sinkfuls of dirty dishes, but my single biggest challenge is the floors.
Where does all the dust come from? Cat hair? Crumbs? And how does it accumulate so fast? I seriously am so stressed out about the wood floors and carpet right now. And the grout on the tile! Ugghh! I need a maid for the floors alone!
I can manage the rest. But, the floors have me throwing in the towel today.
It doesn't help that the kids are running in and out, playing 3 different steroes, the TV, and a guitar all at once. I need to be able to think and have some quiet to be able to clean effectively.
So, I am taking the rest of the day off. I'll clean Monday. We're going on a bike ride and baking some cookies later instead.
I may even venture to Target later on too.
I think we're running low on paper towels anyway.

I can't wait !!!

I am super excited that Dancing With the Stars starts Monday! Oh yeah, and Ugly Betty is Thursday ! And next Sunday is Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters! I love premiere week! Now if I could arrange dinner, babysitters, and no homework I'll be set. Seriously though, I love my DVR! I sure wish LOST was on too. Oh well, I should be ok for awhile.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hayden says the darndest things

Hayden cracks me up. He is being so funny today. Here's a sample:

" Hey Momma, did you know that when you swallow gum it comes out in your poop ?"
(why no Hayden, I didn't know that)

" Don't worry I'm a professional . " (he said this when he tilted the basket at Wal-Mart and all of our groceries slid towards him in a heap.)

" If I swing this will it keep you cool ? " (he was swinging a wallet that has a chain on it about 3 inches from my face)

" Don't be mad Mom, I was cleaning your bathroom. " (there were 6 sopping wet towels in my tub , a puddle of water on the floor, and a chewed piece of gum wrapped around the faucet.)

" I don't wanna watch your TV, it's boring "

" Stop smiling at me, you're being mean ! "

and one of my favorites that he actually said a few months ago:

" I don't know what I wanna be when I grow up but I know I'm having a moustache."

The joys of motherhood

I guess I should have known. I should have known when we were still at the car dealership at 8:30 on a school night that we were going to have a rough morning . No one wanted to get up, me and Jon included. We actually put a movie in around midnight and finished the whole thing as I was waiting on a load of jeans to dry. This put us in bed around 1:30. And silly me I had the urge to post instead, and to finish watching House Hunters. Hey a mother needs to wind down at some point! We were all really sluggish, but with a sense of urgency, since the kids need to be out for the bus at 7:35. So it all started with a stray fleck of oatmeal that had glued itself to Hayden's upper gums. (you think you've seen it all: vomit, helping them wipe, etc) I guess it was stubborn or he didn't rinse too well. As soon as I get him out the door, Chloe has drama. For those of you who know her, this is nothing new. This is why God gave me 3 boys, I am not sure I could handle more than 1 girl. This time it's her new jeans. They are stiff and something is poking her, REALLY BAD!! So, instead of calmly asking me to help or for different pants she goes ballistic. So, real quick I finish Hunter's hair, kiss his cheek, and shove him out the door. I go retrieve a pair of the still warm from the dryer jeans to replace the poky pair. We get those on, fix her ponytail, slip on her flats and with a quick kiss she too is off to the bus. No sooner had I parked my butt to watch GMA did Hunter come in yelling that Chloe was being bad and crying out at the street in front of all of the other bus riders. There are several boys out there that think they'll get her attention by throwing rocks at her. So I tell Hunter to nicely ask his buddies to cool it and be nice to Chloe. Big mistake, he walks off mocking me. Bigger mistake! I marched myself right out there and I thought Hunter was gonna lose his mind. Not only do I have major bed-head, I am not wearing a bra. Should I be offended that a kid immediately offered me a stick of gum? Thankfully Jon drove up and gave her a ride to school. Now, he'll be rushing around too but oh well, he can handle it. I proceeded to wait with Hunter and his friends. He will never forget this. I am sure he was mortified. I am glad for his sake and mine that his "girlfriend" doesn't ride the bus. Well, it was all worth it though. We really like Jon's new truck and the movie (We Are Marshall) was really good. And, I am so proud of Chandler for getting himself up and out the door with no drama. He is ready to go by 5:40 with not a hint of trouble every morning. He does forget something once a week though. Speaking of, Jon just came in with Chloe's ID badge. Trip #2 to the school will now occur. Time for a stick of gum and a bra.

Oh My Gosh, That Is So Gross!!

Yesterday while Jon and I were truck shopping we got held up at a car dealership for way too long. We were in that haggling stage that sucks soo bad. It finally got to a point where we were an hour away from home, nowhere near an answer on a particular vehicle, almost time to get the kids, and starving. Heaven forbid they provide you an answer in a timely manner! So, we decided to run to the only place close for a quick lunch: El Chico's. Now the ironic thing is I had not eaten there in like 6 years until recently, but managed to eat there twice in one week. (It was our only choice.) Ok so long story short. We were at that point of hunger where you are super cranky, headachy, and about to eat your own arm famished. We were quickly seated and began to shovel in the chips and hot sauce on our table faster than they could keep it refilled. We finally got a waiter to bring our drinks and take our order. We were so hungry and so annoyed by the car situation that we never really paid attention to him or his appearance. It wasn't until we had demolished a ton of chips and salsa, and started in on our food, that our waiter brought us drink refills and asked us how everything was. It was then that I noticed, with a mouthful of beans no less, that our waiter was a profuse sweater. I mean rings under the pits, slick forehead, flushed face etc. I looked up at him and saw the BIGGEST bead of sweat on the end of his nose. Swinging and hanging to and fro, I willed it not to fall into my food or drink. After deciding we were safe from drips, Jon and I looked at each other for a split second , dismissed the waiter, and continued to eat . Much like in the movie Vacation where Aunt Edna finds out the dog has peed on the picnic basket. She shrugs her shoulders and eats her sandwich anyway. Seriously though, I am not knocking those who work in the food industry, but it makes you wonder what goes on in the kitchen? When is "what you don't know won't hurt you" ok? And could this guy not feel the sweat? Maybe kept a hanky or even a tortilla to blot his face on? So, needless to say I am through with El Chico's for a while.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh Happy Day !

Well, Happy Birthday Old Man! You're inching closer and closer to 70. Holy S**t! If you're 68, then I am getting pretty darn old myself. I hope your day was wonderful. Here's to many more birthdays.
Love, Ashley "rat-rat" Kristen Anderson

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ashley's favorite things

Much like Oprah, I too have some favorites. Things I always have in my house, and use daily.

1. Olay facial cleansing cloths
2. Clorox disinfecting wipes
3. Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works
4. Aussie mousse + leave in conditioner
5. Revlon skinlights
6. Bounce lint roller
7. Coca - Cola original (no lime, no zero, no vanilla, no diet, no cherry, REGULAR COKE!)
8. For Every Body Candles at Kohls (chocolate chip cookie scent)
9. Max Factor mascara in Auburn (perfect for us redheads)
10) DVR
11) Bounty paper towels
12) Sexy mother pucker lipgloss
*** feel free to add your own under comments ***

Saturday, September 15, 2007


This is a real sign, at a church by our house.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Tank of gas for ozone depleting SUV- $75.00

A new lipstick in perfect shade of caramel - $10.00

Lunch with Mom and Sandra- $16.00

Hearing TWO ! Cure songs on the way to lunch = priceless

20 questions for kids

In all the years I have been a mother, there are a few things about my kids I have never figured out. Things every mother is aware of, that every kid does or doesn't do at some time or another. Myers children you are welcome to provide the reason/answer at any time.

1) What is so fascinating about riding in the front seat?
2) Why must the TV always be on?
3) Is it a childhood requirement that you constantly run in and out?
4) Is flushing the toilet really that hard?
5) The same goes for lights, it's just a switch. It can't be that hard to flip it off.
6) Skid marks in the undies. WHY???
7) Are chicken nuggets really that good? Do you REALLY want them 5 nights out of 7?
8) Why does the bar of soap and the shampoo last so long? You do use them, right??
9) Why do you start screaming and fighting the minute I get on the phone?
10) Is it necessary to get a horrible case of the farts the minute we get into a closed car? (Jon why do you feel the need to lock the windows in said closed car?)
11) Is our bed really that comfortable?
12) Do you think you could manage to pick up your dirty clothes at least once? Try reusing your towel once, it's not so bad.
13) Do your socks, shoes, hair rubber bands, and jewelry fly off of your body and mess up the house? Or do you strategically place them that way?
14) Why do you conveniently forget you have homework until 5 minutes before bed?
15) Or a huge project that requires a trip to the craft or hardware store the night before it's due?
16) Do you really need to argue with your brother or sister at the top of your lungs in front of the neighbors in the front yard?
17) Why do you ask if your friend can spend the night in front of them so I can't throw a fit?
18) Do you think you can manage to get the stomach flu at any time other than in the car, a restaurant, or the middle of the night?
19) Why do you have to touch every thing we pass in the store?
20) Did you really think I was gonna buy every toy advertised during one 30 minute episode of Spongebob?

**bonus question** Why do the above things irritate the crap out of me yet I wouldn't have it any other way? Because I'm a mom and it's my job.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Soft Addiction

Yes I know it already sounds bad. I am ready to confront this so to speak, but I am by no means gonna quit any time soon. And I am not gonna confess all of my little addictions; a girl has to have some secrets. ( Ok coke is one as well, hi Kelli !) So here we go : I have a paper towel addiction. I know it sounds weird huh? I go through a jumbo size roll every 2 days. I get panicky when they run low. I will make a special trip to the store just for paper towels. I use them to make sandwiches on, to clean the kitchen and bathroom counters and toilet seats, I wipe down the inside of the kitchen sink with them, I spot clean the floors, in a pinch they are a good napkin, and an ok kleenex, I dry my hands on them, ALOT ! because I wash my hands about 25 times a day. (that's another matter altogether). I use them constantly. And I won't use a partial paper towel either, those select a size are the worst! For years I would only buy Bounty. No exceptions. I am pleased to announce I have now found a decent yet cheap alternative: Target brand paper towels pass my test. I heart paper towels ! You can go laugh now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dear Jon,

Ok babe, you know I love you. But, frankly the snoring has got to stop. Lately at night I wonder if I married Michael Myers or Leatherface instead. It has gotten so bad that I have considered asking you to move to the couch. Which I really don't want to do. We're married, we sleep in the same bed right? Seriously though you are shaking the walls. I have snapped my fingers in your face, nudged your leg, pushed your back, turned you over, and pinched your nose. And let's not forget the time I tried to slip a Breath-Right strip on your nose and you flew up out of bed as if you were being smothered. I am at my wits end. You are now snoring even when you sleep on your tummy and that is not a good sign!! Help me help you, before I lose it ! SSSSSHHHHHHH!!!

Love always,


Never forget

In remembrance of that fateful day. To all those who lost a loved one. To all those fighting for our country. For all of the sacrifices, now and forever. We all remember where we were that day and what we were doing- how time stood still...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Paging Dr. Myers

Of course I couldn't get sick without someone copying me. Now Jon and Hayden have the same stomach bug I had, fun huh ? Instead of heading back to the gym tomorrow, me and Hayden will be reading books and watching Spongebob instead. Popsicles for lunch anyone? I did have someone comment to me today that we are ALWAYS sick at my house, and I have heard that before. And honestly it kinda ticked me off. Because being 1 of 9 children and having 4 kids of my own I know it seems someone was/is always sick . With a husband who works in a retail environment, 4 kids in three different schools, and me shopping at Ghettomart once a week we are bound to get sick. For goodness sakes there are 6 people living under one roof! Once one person gets sick it moves through the house like wildfire. Sure enough we fall like dominos. Once I get everyone better, along comes something else. So for example September could be stomach bugs then in October it could be strep throat. Nothing surprises me anymore. One week after Hayden was born Chandler got pneumonia. Naturally I was competely freaked out. Hayden proceeded to get almost every illness 3 school age kids could bring home all before he was two months old. My pediatrician assured me it was normal for a large family with kids in school to pass stuff around, often. So I have learned to expect the unexpected. For the record my kids are all healthy, they passed their check-ups with flying colors! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. By the way does anyone have a good chicken soup recipe?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Oops she did it again!

Poor Britney. I was pulling for you girl. I am by no means a Britney Spears fan, but I have eagerly awaited her MTV video music awards performance. I have worried about her and the poor choices she has made since K-Fed came into her life. I am definitely being a mother hen. I don't even know the girl, but feel as if she needs some serious help. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? But she has chosen to go where the cameras are and frankly doesn't seem to care how bad she looks or how bad she behaves. What I saw tonight was like a deer in the headlights meets a lost little puppy. I don't think she was ready and more than ever I think she needs to stay away from the cameras and focus more on being the best mom she can. Sorry just my two cents worth. Silly post coming from me. But, I feel like I lost some brain cells watching that show. I kept hoping she'd perform again and redeem herself. Me thinks she came out for her big "comeback" too soon. What do you think? Oh, by the way I would kill for her body. I have heard alot of talk about her poochy tummy. Sad huh?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Family Photo

I just wanted to share a photo I found lurking around on my desktop. I forgot it existed. It was taken at my niece's engagement party. Shown are my family, my brother Chris and his family, my mom, and my sister Amy and her husband Jesse.


Move over David and Pam - there's a new crew in town. Seriously though- isn't our new lifeguard stand awesome?

Friday, September 7, 2007


Jason Thurman is home!!!!

Great News!!

Our friend Jason is doing amazing today. He is able to walk around and took a shower today. After being bedridden for a week, this is a very good sign. As a matter of fact he is dressed and ready to go home as we speak. No word on his official release date but it should be very soon. Faith and prayer work miracles.


Yay, it's Friday! It's been a long, stressful, busy week. I really hope the weekend is smooth and I actually get to hang with the family and chip away at a really long to do list. We have spent alot of time visiting our friend Jason . He is doing really good, and may be able to go home soon. On another note, the school year is off to a great start. Chandler has been really good at getting up at 5:00 every morning for football practice. He gets everything ready, has his breakfast and comes to wake Jon up to drive him (thanks Chan). Their first game was last night. Although they didn't win it was still very exciting with a final score of 14-16. Hunter is a big hit with the "ladies" at his new school. So much so that he can remember to bring home his list of newly aquired myspace addresses, but not his homework. The phone rings about 3 minutes after he walks in the door. He has girls, girls, girls, on the brain 24/7. I am not sure I am ready for this. Chloe is really liking her new school. She is turning into a beautiful young lady. She is really starting to enjoy dressing up for school and has worn a dress almost every day. Complete with pretty jewelry, a purse, and flats. She is definitely her mother's daughter. I am sorry Jon, this might get expensive. Hayden is really enjoying Kindergarten. He comes home with a funny story every day and has been falling asleep about 8:30 each night which has been nice. We will be practicing tying his shoes this weekend. I am sorry this seems to be a long rambling post. I wanted to let everyone know how the kids were doing. I had all of these thoughts and ideas for posts but have been sick with an awful stomach bug of some kind and I seem to have lost all motivation . On a happier note: I did lose 5 pounds since Monday. At the height of my illness that didn't make much difference, but I am glad now. Not my preferred weight loss method. But I'll take it. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Deep Thoughts

It doesn't take much to make a girl happy. Maybe one new outfit or three. Or the salesclerk at the store telling girl she looks 25. Much too young to have so many children. Especially a son who is almost old enough to drive and has been shaving for nearly three years.
*this really happened, I swear*

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

HEY, All You Longhorn Fans...

This one's for you. Hi Atalie !! Go Sooners !!

Junk in the Trunk

Most people have trunks of neat interesting things. Like love letters, quilts, or other heirlooms. Not the Myers family. We have a trunkful of junk. I have to keep the snacks and lunch goodies under lock and key. If not the kids would eat it all in one day. This way it will last for about 3 weeks. Or so I thought. I was just informed by Chloe that Hayden can open the latches with the lock on and squeeze his hand in. She then proceeded to demonstrate. Looks like it's time for a new lock.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Our Cardboard Palace by: Hayden and Chloe

Our big brother Chandler discovered a way to get free boxes from the USPS. He kept saying he was going to build a fort with some friends. Which is funny because they are all 15 and 16 year old boys and Chandler ordered shoe boxes on accident. Too small for big kids but perfect for us. We took over the living room for 4 days. We ate, played, and slept there. Mom made us take it down. She said we were taking up the whole living room. It was fun while it lasted.

The Abominable Sock Monster and a "dirty little secret"

We have here the contents of the worlds largest sock basket. That was before I washed clothes. My laundry room went from empty to full in 2 days. I made the mistake of not doing laundry and went shopping for new school clothes instead. Oh the irony... I am pleased to announce that we are back in business after 1/2 a bottle of detergent, 1/4 a bottle of fabric softener, and 10 dryer sheets.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

A friend in need

Please keep a dear friend in your prayers. Our friend Jason Thurman was admitted to the hospital today. He is very ill. It is possible that he might have encephalitis. He is a husband, father of 4 daughters, and a very good friend to Jon, me, and the kids. Jason, get well soon and here's to a speedy recovery. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
***UPDATE*** Jon and I have visited with Jason twice today and he seems to be feeling better, and is showing signs of recovery. I will keep everyone updated. Please continue to pray for him.