Thursday, July 15, 2010

Because I am AWESOME!

I have lost almost 35 pounds! I now weigh: 197.6! I haven't weighed this "little" since 1997. Anyway, just wanted to share. Ok, now go comment away telling me how proud you are and how awesome I am. Only if you feel like it ;)

Friday, July 2, 2010


Yeah, so I'm even worse at blogging than before...oops! I am not gonna make an excuse, just know that with 5 kids time for myself is sparse.
So- here's the rundown:

I am absolutely obsessed with weight loss. I'm 2 pounds away from being under 200 and I couldn't be happier! Yes I could- if I was 140. I am hoping I can get there by January. My total weight loss is 28.4 pounds and just over 12 inches, 5 of those in my hips alone... As long as I get in some exercise, don't go over my calories, and my chores are done I'm good. Oh yeah, I do try to hang with the kids as much as possible.
Jon is working ALL THE TIME and he is the #1 playmate around here, so the kids are bored out of their minds. I'm having a hard time thinking of inexpensive activities for kids ranging from 9 months to 18 years. Our pool is green- we are missing an important part that helps the pool stay chlorinated so swimming is out. I can't take Cam to movies so that's out. Jon used to be off on Wednesdays and during summer that was our big family activity day, but no more. The X-box broke so video games are out. So, we're kinda bummed and blah. It's bugging the kids more than me since I'm so focused on weight loss.

Chan is having a hard time finding job, which stinks. He might be living here til he's 30... we'll see. He spends most of his time reading and playing guitar. He is also working on his weight and has lost 15 pounds since graduation.

Chloe, Hunter, and Hayden are just chillin' every day. Fighting over the computer, sleeping too late and being annoying.

Cam is FINALLY sleeping in his crib at night. He cried quite a bit at first but has done fairly well. Last night he slept for 11 hours without waking up! He still naps in my arms, the car, or the stroller. But, Rome wasn't built in a day right? He is cruising furniture like crazy, crawling everywhere and his two words are dadada and lalala. Super cute! He also just got two teeth that have barely busted through his gums the last few days.

So, that's about it! I totally understand if NO ONE reads this anymore. And, comments? Who needs 'em? See y'all soon!