Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Look out, I guess I don't know how to behave.....

Well, apparently I am a crappy person and someone forgot to tell me. Which is ironic, because I thought I was a people pleaser. Honestly I am kind of getting tired of the title. But, not enough to change my ways, yet... I would like to know at what age is it ok to be who you are without getting your ass handed to you on a platter? I am not confrontational nor am I a "sweep everything under the rug" kind of chick either. However, if I am in a mood and am confronted about something- watch out. I guess my point is: can someone please tell me how I, as a female human being, am supposed to behave on a daily basis. Because, I guess I didn't get that memo.... I try really hard to be a good friend, daughter, sister, in law, neighbor, aunt etc. But, I guess I'm not as good as I thought. I have been confronted and or snapped at by 3 different people since Saturday alone, for seemingly innocent things. I won't go into detail or name names. I just want to know if it's possible to be fitted with a muzzle and some puppet strings as well as have a master puppeteer show me how I'm supposed to act? I am 35 years old, and left high school back in the 90's where it belongs. I wish people would stop and think before they decide to get mad at me or gossip behind my back. Here I am, weeks away from delivering MY FIFTH child, I am living in a cluttered war zone of a house, my teenage sons are smart mouths, my husband is being a typical man, and I have enough hormones raging through my body for a small pharmaceutical company. You would think that certain people would understand and cut me a little slack. I am TRYING.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today I-

had new carpet installed in all of our bedrooms- finally!

got to see my mom, my sister Kelli, her kiddos, and some sweet baby kitties. Family rocks!

sorta saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince... between potty breaks and dozing off, I saw about 30 minutes total. Cost me $7.50 too!

went pee pee in the potty about 20 times, half of those being in public restrooms. The Chili's in Grand Prairie by far had the nastiest bathroom of all. Flush people!

thoroughly enjoyed being with all 4 of my kids all the day long. They were being turds as usual, but I loved being with them- it's been awhile since Chan and Hunter are always with friends.

bought 11 gallons of paint, took FOREVER.... But, we now have paint for all the bedrooms, which feels awesome!

moved the crib into the future nursery, so surreal. Not only is there a baby in my tummy, but pretty soon he'll be sleeping in this house!

didn't eat a single meal at home which just feels wrong. I had 1/2 of an order of movie nachos, 3 Southwest eggrolls from Chili's, and a grilled chicken wrap from Sonic. I feel yuck and I swear I heard my body ask for an apple or a carrot. Jon managed to move the mattresses out of our kitchen so I can reach the frig for tomorrow's meals. Whew!

didn't get a nap or Facebook time, which hasn't happened once in the last 6 months. I think I am preparing myself for when baby comes and I am at his mercy.

had a tornado named Jon Myers come through my house. Not really, but everything we own was moved into our kitchen, living room, and Jon's trailer. My house looks scary... can't wait til I can redecorate.

left the house at 9:30 am and didn't get home until 10:30 pm. I can pretty much guarantee I am gonna be swollen like crazy, for who knows how long.... I hope not, because I have plans non stop for the next two weeks. I have appointments to go to, baby showers to attend, and of course sleeping and eating.

sold my surf bathroom decor, thanks Mary! Hope y'all enjoy it!

am hoping to get a much deserved bubble bath with a trashy magazine (Us Weekly). Won't someone please get the books, high heels, and pillows out of my tub- anyone?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She's hit a brick wall...

**DISCLAIMER- I am about to rant. You've been warned.

Ok, so I have reached the I'm so over being pregnant stage. Is it ever gonna end? I can't believe I'm saying that... Just because feeling a baby move inside of you is an amazing yet indescribable feeling. There are other neat things too, but that is the absolute best. However, I am ready to get this baby boy out of my body. Which is bittersweet, because this is the absolute last time I will be pregnant. That being said- I am pretty sure I had a mini nervous breakdown yesterday. I got too hot and went too long without eating and I started having that scary feeling where you can't take a good deep breath. I guess alot of it started Saturday at about 4am when he decided he liked the head down position best, his feet got so tangled up in my rib cage that I was awakened out of a deep sleep. Now, he won't stay out of my ribs and it hurts! I feel like I can't breathe either. He is also squishing my stomach which is making my ulcer and nausea the worst it's ever been. I know I have said that alot, but really it's horrendous. I can't sleep- at least not normal hours. I feel incredibly guilty for not being more fun and involved with the kids so I am constantly apologizing and buying them goodies and lots of ice cream. Nothing fits. I look like crap- all the time. And, I am sooo tired of people acting shocked when I tell them I am pregnant. Apparently I am so morbidly obese I just look like a wide load/lard ass who went back to the buffet one too many times. And, I am scared to death of labor. I know he has to come out but I am terribly frightened. Then, when he comes out, will I remember what to do? Can I do this? Will I be able to manage the baby and my other kids? Will I have any time for me? How will we afford a baby? I guess I should also mention that other than starting the kid's bathroom I am nowhere near closer to getting any bedrooms done and time is ticking fast, which is a whole new can of worms. Really, what I am trying to say is I am losing my mind... I really need some serious encouragement. I need to be pumped up so I can make it emotionally and physically for the remainder of this pregnancy. And, I am not talking about a new purse or a pedicure either. C'mon- help a girl out... I need soothing calming words of encouragement.

P.S. I think Jon should read this. Maybe then he would understand. Ha- who am I kidding?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Surf's Up...

for sale that is. I am re-doing the kid's bathroom as we speak and have several cool items for sale-cheap. I prefer to sell everything as a whole so I can get it outta my house!

Pottery Barn surf shower curtain
Pottery Barn sign- says To the Beach and it's BIG
Got Crabs? sign
Beware of Sharks sign
Beach Bungalow sign
crab hook (for towels/bathrobe)
candles (Hawaiian shirt, 3 coconuts, starfish)
jar candle (triple layer tropical scents)
surfboard nightlight
beach umbrella toothbrush holder
Welcome to the Beach sign
lots of leis
plastic lobster, starfish, seahorse and crab
tiki hut plastic plate
flip flop plastic plate
Hawaiian shirt plastic plate
beach bucket trash can (super heavy duty and CUTE!)
surfboard rug (has seen better days)

*I am selling all of this for $65* I believe it's a good deal, simply because the Pottery Barn stuff alone wasn't cheap. Let me know via comments if you are interested. I can take a picture too, I just need to wash the rug and wipe down the other stuff first.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are we in hell and somebody forgot to tell me?

Holy Freaking Cow- it's so hot I am about to die. I am sweating in places no decent lady should sweat from...Seriously I was born and raised in Texas and swore I would never leave, but lately I find myself dreaming about moving to a cooler place. I have never liked the heat much, as long as I can be near swimming pools and cold drinks- but this year is the worst Summer I think I have ever experienced. I am a heat stroke/sun poisoning kind of girl. Meaning if I don't have the above mentioned swimming pool-cold drink combo I can't be outdoors. And forget about me not having A/C, not gonna happen. Can't happen. I am sure the fact that I am a human oven making a cute little bun right now is making matters worse. Put it this way- Summer in Texas is not at all pleasant. It doesn't bother Jon a bit, which I can't understand. He can't stand the cold and shivers when it's below 78 in the house... whatever dude. On a day I do leave the house before dusk I apply deodorant 2 to 3 times and stand in front of two fans just to cool down from getting ready, which is nuts because I keep our thermostat at 74. Blow drying my hair is AWFUL, like I feel like I need a shower afterwards. The minute I step into my clothes- here comes more sweat and getting in the car is like stepping into an oven. Last week the temp in my car was 110 at 11 o'clock in the morning!! We don't swim in our pool- the water is a warm 95 degrees most days. I feel like I am cheating my kids out of their Summer- because of my intolerance to oven like temps. Normally we do Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor at least once with several movie trips thrown in and other miscellaneous stuff here and there. But, this year we have done 1 movie, 1 trip to the Art Barn, and 2 pool parties. Wow! Thank goodness Chandler stays occupied with his friends and the other 3 hit the BMX track with Jon or they would literally rarely ever leave or have any fun. Thank goodness for books, board games, and the ever so important internet and TV. And to top it all off- I have spent a small fortune on icees, slurpees, ice cream, and bottled water. I really wish I was a wealthy woman- we would spend Summers somewhere gorgeous and tropical where the temps don't go above 85 and winters somewhere white and beautiful. Then we would hop in our private jet and visit friends and family in Texas whenever we pleased. Sounds fun right? Now, I am off to daydream about cooler climates while I sip some frosty goodness under two fans and I am gonna pretend the weather dude was joking when he said it won't go below 100 all week long....

Thursday, July 9, 2009


So, there's this website- Awkward Family Photos. I have looked at it or similar ones before, and man are they ever funny. So, in the spirit of awkward pics I decided to add a few of my own just for fun. Now, I am sure I have many more I could put on but these are already scanned on my computer. Enjoy. Thanks for the blogging idea Jesse! And mom, don't be mad I am not making fun just having fun!

me and my brother Erik with Santa

me and my sisters Kelli and Amy. This was taken the day before my brother went on his mission, the brick wall is my neighbor's house

me, my mom, and Kelli

poster children for McDonald's

one of many birthdays

don't ask.....

me and my high school BFF- Stephen

a random Christmas

He's got the cutest little baby face....

I went yesterday for my 3D sonogram. Of course the baby was being a little stubborn. He was awake but was hanging out in one position. He had his arm tucked around both legs and and his legs were right in his face. We tried everything to get him to move... but nothing. The sono technician did manage to get a few face shots. And if you were wondering- yes he is definitely still a boy! Chloe is still skeptical- even though his boy parts were larger than life on a projector screen. He opened one eye at one point as if to see what all the fuss was about. Personally I am amazed at technology- that you can see what your baby looks like before they make their big appearance. I remember with all the other kids just having a grainy ultrasound pic and being completely surprised at delivery. Especially with Hunter who hid the goods through FIVE sonograms. Anyway- he looks like my other kiddos and looks perfectly adorable to me. Oh yeah- although I have no photo to show for it, he definitely has my thighs. The first thing we saw when she started the scan was two FAT thighs, they already look ripe for squeezing!

what are you looking at? See his little eye open?

P.S. just a little FYI- I have officially gained back every single pound I lost, plus 2... And, I had a little scare with my blood pressure last week (it was reading 135/85 which is high for me) and this week was much better 125/72. Turns out I was ALOT anxious and a little dehydrated.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

on my mind...

My poor neglected blog. I really really want to post more but I can't. I even have pictures I could put on here. But I'm LAZY! I attempted to change my header and background today but I chickened out. I kid myself that lots of people read this and care if I post or not and for the handful of you that do- I am sooo sorry. I am gonna get it together eventually....

My head hurts so bad right now I feel like it's going to explode. Pretty much all I can take is Tylenol and it does nothing for me. I think I would feel worlds better if Chloe would stop being a turd and yelling at me and bouncing a ball and if Chandler would stop playing his guitar. Help me...

I wish someone could get Jon to understand a pregnant woman's need to nest. He just will not get busy and work on the Honey Do list I gave him. We have so much to do before I feel like my nest is properly feathered and I am getting zero cooperation. If anyone has a husband to spare- send him over. Our poor house is in such disarray and I am going to lose my mind if we don't get the ball rolling soon. Which might explain the headache. Hmmm...

Is it hot enough for ya? OMG- I feel like I may melt multiple times a day. It is SO BAD! I have lived in Texas my whole life and have been very pregnant through two other summers and never ever remember it being this bad. Remember when I said I was gonna live in my pool? Well, I lied. I have been swimming a whopping two times. It is just not worth it and the water is like a bathtub it is so warm. Really my favorite thing to do is be lazy in the A/C. I feel sorry for my kids, I know they are so bored and I feel really guilty. I am gonna take them somewhere fun this week as long as it involves cold beverages and air conditioning. Any ideas?

Tomorrow I am gonna splurge and get a 3D ultrasound. Yes, I know I just had one but not 3D! I am sooo excited. I am taking Jon and all the kids and I know they will be fascinated and surprised. I wanted one so bad with Hayden and they were fairly new and super expensive, so I figured I would splurge on one. Thanks for the coupon Shawna!

And, last but not least: I am currently obsessed with two items. One is a Hawaiian Punch Lemon Berry Icee. I got one at Target and I can't stop thinking about it. The other is the Sonic cherry lime-aid chiller. So Good. As a matter of fact, I may have to get one now since Sonic is still open...