Saturday, January 1, 2011

I hope, I hope (resolutions be damned)

I hope:
that I can lose 20 more pounds and keep it off
that karma bites that nasty woman in her ass
that we don't get any more vehicles stolen or have any money issues
to be able to go the temple more
to be a better wife, mother, daughter, and friend
to be on Facebook less
that I don't have to attend any more funerals (4 in one calendar year is 4 too many..)
that my big sister can get clean
that Jon and my kids will be at my side every Sunday at church
that Chan will get a JOB and finally start school...
that I can get a tummy tuck and breast lift
that me and Jon will pretty please be able to go on a trip for our 15th anniversary
that my house will sell and we'll move to the right place for the right price

Really though, as much as I want all of the above, I just want to be HAPPY and I want to SMILE more. I want me and my family to get along and be together as often as possible and I want us to be HEALTHY and UNITED.
Happy New Year Y'all!