Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dude, where's my pot?

Why didn't they have one of these during my experimental years? Only kidding... I wonder if there is a junk food machine nearby for the munchies that are sure to follow?

Yay! It's Way Back Wednesday!

The prettiest chicks in all of Grand Prairie. Me, Kelli, and Amy. The first picture was taken in 1992, the second one in 1987. This was a period in my life when I heard on a daily basis that I looked like Molly Ringwald in 16 Candles. Don't you just love our Little House on the Prairie inspired bridesmaid dresses?

Me, Kelli, Amy and our mom. No, that's not our long lost brother. I think he's a 2nd cousin or something. I believe this would be 1981.

This is 8 of us kids, my mom, and our Grandma. The coolest grandma on the planet. I think this is one of the only times there were that many of us children in the same room. It was taken in 1982. It is my goal in this lifetime to get us all together once and for all for a family photo. One where we're all smiling, where no one looks high, no one's crying, and no one's doing Bunny Ears behind someone's head.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good news and Bad news

The bad news is: there are several curious items floating in my pool because it's so freaking windy.
The good news is: my neighbors Christmas lights might finally be coming down. The wind already did half the job for them! Yay wind!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The other DIVINE Miss M

Ok, ok, so I watched Oprah and I concede. I might bear the teeniest tiniest resemblance to Bette Midler... *cringe*. I mean we're talking a microscopic resemblance. Grain of sand resemblance. Mostly personality, I would think. Not really looks, unless it's the hair or something. I had forgotten how charming she was and I guess I should take the Church Lady's comments as flattering. But, for the record I promise to try and not bring up Bette Midler any more. Now, if they are having a look alike contest and 1st prize is a trip to Hawaii or something, I am so there.

Oh boy!

Someone neglected to tell me that I am gonna be on Oprah today! I had Bette-r hurry and get ready...
Only kidding. But just in case you were wondering Bette Midler is on Oprah today. I guess that will probably make the Church Lady's day... Seriously though I am gonna watch and see if I can make the connection.

A rhyme, Dr. Seuss style

I do not like them in my house, I think I'd rather have a mouse
They do not belong in here with me, they belong outside near that tree
I cannot stand them here or there, I do not like them anywhere
They are going to drive me nuts, they're just a bunch of little butts
They have me busy as a slave, those damn little ants living in my microwave

In Memoriam

All of us have to deal with death at one time or another, but to have in one's heart a solid conviction concerning the reality of eternal life is to bring a sense of peace in an hour of tragedy than can come from no other source under the heavens.

President Gordon B. Hinkley
June 23, 1910 - January 27, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The wind beneath these wings is getting ticked!

Ok, so that same woman at church told me I looked like Bette Midler today. Not only did she stop me in the hall, but she told me that her and 2 other ladies brought it up the other day. They were visiting teaching and it was brought up about me resembling Bette. So, this other lady brought out a picture of Bette and they all concurred!!! Well, 2 more women overheard this today and piped in that yes, I did look "just like Bette Midler!" I was floored! And super annoyed. I mean seriously, does this need to be brought up by this woman every single time she sees me? She obviously finds this amusing or feels as if she is flattering me. Honestly though, I am tired of it. I am going to try and steer clear of her from now on. I usually am not the type to speak up, but if she says it again I am going to politely ask her to stop. And, although I am no beauty queen, I do not think I look like Bette Midler. Or do I, and I just never realized it? And, if I look like Bette Midler, does this mean my mom looks like Barbra Streisand? And my sisters like Celine Dion and Cyndi Lauper??

Things I learned today...

1. I really love Sunday School class.
2. Getting stuff ready for church the night before makes things run smoother.
3. Actually trying on the outfit you designed in your head will save you alot of time and drama.
4. One Halls cough drop will make your breath smell sorta ok and lasts through Relief Society.
5. A 12 year old boy can remove his tie, shirt, shoes, socks, check his cell phone for messages, and put on his seatbelt in 5.4 seconds or the amount of time it takes you to exit the parking lot, whichever is least.
6. Going to church without your husband and knowing 5 whole people is scary and lonely.
7. I can't remember names very well.
8. Getting into class late saves you from saying the prayer, but only because you're still nervous.
9. Flip flops, blue jeans, and pink hair are now acceptable church attire. Who knew?
10. Your kids will flip out if you get out of class late.
11. That although your children are new at church, they already know the way to the Bishop's office and that he keeps a jar of Hershey kisses handy.
12. That if I set out the ingredients for dinner, darling husband just might start cooking.
13. That I couldn't sing pretty if my life depended on it, which is funny because...
14. I still look like Bette Midler according to 3 more women at church...

Friday, January 25, 2008

The most chaotic night of my life

Tonight was Hunter's birthday party, and man was it crazy over here! Hunter declined to tell me that he invited alot more kids than I realized. So, alot of teeny boppers showed up along with close friends and family. 5 minutes before our guests began to arrive, I dropped and broke a ginormous pyrex mixing bowl, which shattered all over my kitchen floor. I finally got that cleaned up and here came the crowd! It was sooo loud! We had pizza, salad, and cake. At one point I thought we were gonna run out of pizza! Before I could make a plate for myself, my friend Nona's son Dalton got into my purse and ate some Pepto Bismol caplets! We were slightly panicked and had to call poison control. It looks like he only ate 1 caplet, and appears to be fine. After all the drama, just about everyone here took turns playing Guitar Hero. The teeny boppers ran in and out, skateboarded, jumped on the trampoline, and did Silly String. Exciting huh? Overall, it was just really loud, crazy, and chaotic! Every time I have a party with children involved, I swear I'll never do it again. But, I am sure I'll have many more parties. Nothing will ever be as bad as the year Hunter turned 11 and had a slumber party. Never again, it was AWFUL! All in all, everyone seemed to have a good time. I got as many pictures as I could. None of gift opening though. Hunter opened his gifts as they come through the door, which I had no knowledge of.Teeny Bopper transportation

Me and Jon


Guitar Hero showdown

Blowing out the candles

So, there you have it, a Myers family party. Where fun is had by all, there's never a dull moment, and chaos reigns supreme!

Gymnastics 101

Chloe doing a hurkey!

Hayden attempting a cartwheel...

Since I am frantically getting ready for Hunter's party tonight, I though I'd give y'all a good laugh to tide you over.
P.S. Ignore the giant burn marks on my fireplace. Jon attempted to burn down our house the other night. Thankfully he was unsuccessful!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Because it's covered in DIAMONDS and GOLD...

Introducing the world's most expensive paper tablecloth. Which is an oxymoron anyway, but that's beside the point. I ended up not getting it, it didn't really match the plates anyway...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Way-back Wednesday

It's Wednesday! Time for embarrassing pics from the past! Here I am with my big brother Erik, we are 2 and 4.Here we are with a scary mall Santa. I am not happy, must be the McDonalds dress. For another funny Mickey D shout out, click here.This is my 9th grade yearbook photo. I don't know what's best, my bright yellow dress or my bangs? I must have found out they were serving meat loaf for lunch... who knows?

It's the end of the world as he knows it...

Oh man, tonight I finally took Hunter for a haircut. And he is PISSED! That is putting it mildly. I admit that I made a mistake. It really was pretty before, but just sooo long. So, to say he is mad at me would be an understatement. His hair was his pride and joy. He is afraid kids won't like him anymore! He has asked to skip school, for extensions, and if I would just shave it off. He even mentioned soaking in Mane-n-Tail shampoo for 2 years.... Chloe also got her haircut, she got bangs!! We love it, she looks so beautiful and grown up. We got hers done at Sweet and Sassy. It's a cute place, but expensive. Here are some before and afters:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

O-kay... random post

Chloe and Hayden need a good smackdown, for being cute! I love how Hayden calls Chandler Channy when he needs something. And, Chloe is freaking hilarious. She just asked what was wrong with the world. Because there are so many boys... I know this is totally random, but they make me smile. Later today I'll be posting some pics of them playing Guitar Hero...

Happy B-Day Hunter!!

Oh, man... What an amazing young man you are becoming. You were a beautiful baby and you are absolutely the most handsome 12 year old I know. I am so proud to be your mom! You are just like dad, you are good at everything you do! You most definitely are an awesome son, a great big and little brother, and my sweet little boy. I am excited to see all that your future holds. Stay sweet, stay strong, and always keep your chin up. We all love you dearly. I will let your "teeny bopper" attitude slide for today, and seriously honey can I please cut your hair...? We hope your birthday is wonderful and can't wait to shower you with even more wishes at your first big kid-boy-girl-family party, it will be a ton of fun! Here's to all of your birthday wishes coming true!
Mom, Dad, and kiddos

Monday, January 21, 2008

Movie and a meal

Today has been so yucky and dreary. The kids and I could stand it no longer. So, we headed to the movies instead, along with half of Fort Worth. We finally saw Alvin and the Chipmunks. The older kids (everyone but Hayden), protested loudly about seeing a "baby" movie. But, they laughed more than anyone. It really was a cute movie. Except we had to sit at the very front of the theatre. It's hard to see a movie that close up, even worse when you have a dizzy sinus headache. But, I managed. Afterwards, we headed to our favorite eating spot: Chick-Fil-A! So, now we're home. I seriously feel like I am getting a little bit of cabin fever. I would never make it in a place where the winters are so dreary. Give me some sun!
P.S. Since we've been home, Hayden has been trying to sing/squeal loud enough to break a glass!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bette is that you?

We just got home from church. I took Chloe and Hayden with me. Chandler doesn't own a single item he can wear to church and Hunter is still in Frisco. So, we braved it alone. It was AWESOME! The talks were great, I only wish Jon and the boys could have been there with us. In due time... Anyway, I especially loved Sunday School, I didn't want it to end. Such an amazing lesson. There was one little thing though, this lady in Relief Society told me I looked like Bette Midler, and I almost cried. For real, I was traumatized. What do y'all think?

Happy Birthday, Spamey!

You have become a beautiful woman. I can't believe that you're a grown up married lady! I am so proud that you are my sister! You are a great aunt and a wonderful person with a heart of gold! I hope that this year brings all that you could ever wish for. You deserve it.
Ashley, Jon, and kiddos

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Do you ever feel totally alone, even though you are surrounded by people? My life feels pretty alone. Like no one truly understands me, or like I am waiting to be picked for kickball. I went from being a depressed teenager to being a mom, and I feel as if I have made so many wrong choices all these years. I have been looking for happiness in all the wrong places: Cars, home decor, clothes, makeup, magazines. Lately though, a lightbulb has become increasingly bright in my mind. Some of you may or may not know that I am LDS or Mormon. But, I have been inactive for 5 years. And while I won't start preaching, I have come to realize that the time has come for me to return. To surround myself with goodness. There has been something missing for way too long. I am however, fighting an uphill battle so to speak. My hubby isn't a Mormon, and my kids have been away too long. This week, I have encountered a ton of resistance. And, even though I know my decisions are right, I still feel kinda alone.
Then there's the matter of being out of it. So many women I know that are Mormon are young and just starting their families. For the longest time I felt as if I needed to have a baby just to fit it. I am older than alot of them too, which is super hard. Then there's the issue of how different things are for Moms now. Yes, there are always diapers, feedings, and tantrums. But, now it's playgroup, scrapbooking, digital cameras, blogs, cell phones, etc. It is just so different than even 6 years ago. So, even though I feel like I have made the right decision, I still feel like I don't fit in. Old, overweight, no little babies running around, non-member spouse, kids who can't remember who Nephi is, etc etc. So, tomorrow is surely gonna be a challenge, as are the days and years to come. Wish me luck or better yet, pray for us! And Shannon, Sarah, and Krista- thanks for befriending me through Kelli, it means more than you will ever know.

Mommy's Lil' Pun'kin

Last night after our "adventure", I decided I needed some chill out time. And the kids and I decided that looking at old photos is always fun and relaxing. So, we looked at photos for hours. I was specifically looking for favorites of mine and old pictures from when Jon and I were kids. I came across this one:It was "created" when I was 8 months pregnant with Hayden. The kids and I were bored and decided to paint Mommy's tummy, and what better way at Halloween than to do a jack-o-lantern? This picture has stumped alot of people, who at first glance thought I was holding a pumpkin.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I need to hire a driver!

Today I had to drive Hunter to his friend's house in Frisco. They are best buds and haven't seen each other since September. What should have been a 3 hour round trip, took 5 and 1/2 hours!!! We got majorly lost, had to stop for gas in the ghetto, and had to turn around more times than I can count. It was awful. Everyone cried at some point or another. My kids were amazing, except for a few tears. My cell phone had to be scraped off of the dash because I threw it really hard at around our 3rd hour. The sad thing is, we own a $500 GPS system and I have not been able to use it one time. Go figure. Thankfully I had Chloe for comic relief. She inquired, very seriously: are we gonna run out of brake juice? Thank goodness we are finally home. Now, I can have lunch.

Feeling much better now...

I guess fat happens to famous people too. Thankfully for us normal people, no one cares to snap our pic when we are on vacation.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Can't wait for Spring...

So, I can bust out my groovy beach cruiser. Seriously, how cool is this bike? Now all I need is a cute little sundress or some pedal pushers and I'll be cruising in style. Oh, yeah a new body wouldn't hurt either.

Red headed step child

A few of my fellow bloggers are going back in time a few days a week with old photos, so I am following suit. Enjoy.

Here I am around 2 I believe...

Here I am about 5 or 6 maybe? Mom, were my bangs ever straight?

This is me in 5th grade. I had been playing alot of soccer and swimming alot, so my perm, yes my perm was looking a little frizzy. Like my twister beads?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

She doesn't wear short shorts...

Oh my goodness! What a conversation Chloe and I had this evening. We (me and the kiddos) were in the car and I had told them in a nice way, that they all needed to take nice long baths. Being in a closed vehicle with 4 kids with the heater running and it starts to smell kinda like a dirty sock, if you know what I mean. Anyway, Hayden asked if he could shave, with his new Spongebob "shaving kit" and promptly broke into a song about shaving in the bathtub. I told him that I shave in the tub because it's easier than shaving in the shower. So, Chloe asked if she could shave her legs in the tub. And, I about choked. Then she told me that all of her friends shave their legs AND their armpits... So, now I have a dilemma: when are girls old enough to shave??? I mean she's only 10! I kinda thought 12ish, but I am not sure?! Chandler started shaving when he turned 13, but he had these walrus like whiskers practically growing over his top lip. It was necessary. Hunter will be 12 next week, and although he's getting this dark brown peach fuzz, it will be a while I'm thinking. I can't remember when I started shaving. So, opinions??

Monday, January 14, 2008


1. Why there are always seagulls flying in herds around here? We're not near any sea that I can see...
2. Why people still have their Christmas lights up and on?
3. Why my hair always looks amazing the day before I whack it all off?
4. Why there's never any toilet paper when I am home alone?
5. Why my children always get sick on date night?
6. Why the slowest person on planet Earth gets in front of me when I am in a hurry?
7. Why the lane I get into at the store always has a problem customer in front of me?
8. Why at the age of 33 do I still get zits before an important event?
9. Why my hubby runs my car out of gas then forgets to leave me a credit card or cash?
10. Why is the sky blue, the grass green? Kidding...

Playin' Like A Rock Star

Just for your viewing pleasure here are two videos of Chan playing guitar with his friend Ryan. Enjoy, I think it is adorable!
Video 1
Video 2

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just to let you know....

about our weekend. We were pretty lazy this weekend, unless you count three trips to the BMX track lazy. Hunter and Hayden raced at the Desoto track on Friday and Saturday. Then the boys, Jon, AND Chloe raced at Cowtown Sunday. Yes, you read that right, my baby girl raced for the first time. She did awesome! She did not make the main event, but did manage to lead the pack in all of her qualifying rounds, until the very end of each round. She was simply too tired. But for her first time, I was very proud of her. Jon is enjoying himself as well, but keeps having to race more experienced riders. Which is frustrating him alot! He is VERY competitive and has vowed to beat everyone next weekend. Afterwards, we stopped of at Saltgrass for dinner. Which was yummy, (and not too salty Shannon!) Our waitress had a little mishap: she spilled a small cup of dressing and it splashed the outside of my purse, the floor behind our table, the wall by Hunter, and a little bit on his back. So, they took $20 off of our tab! I totally should have ordered the steak! Oh well! I have included two pics of Chloe today, one before the race and one after. Can you tell which is which?

Now, on to my babysitting dilemma. Some of you may not agree with the way it was handled. But, I'll fill you in anyway. My husband did my dirty work... And I am ashamed and embarrassed. But, he called them for me and explained that I was simply too busy with my own family to devote the time and attention required for such a young baby. They understood, but were a little disappointed. They have found her a spot at a daycare center not far from the school where the husband is a principal. We took her things back to them, including a pink stuffed butterfly that I purchased for her at Target last week. It lights up and makes noise. I know it doesn't make up for the fact that I let them down any easier. But, I got it to keep here and I wanted her to have it. Tomorrow I am going to write them a letter apologizing. I just feel really bad and feel as if a nice letter might help. I know it probably could have been handled better, but I am a big chicken. I just feel a big relief that I am no longer tied down and can do some nice things for myself. So, tomorrow I am headed back to the gym. Yay! I have so many things coming up that I really don't know how I would have been able to get anything done. Hunter's 12th birthday is coming up! And, that is just the tip of the iceberg. We are also headed back to Oklahoma for another BMX adventure the first weekend in February...

Just Curious...

What do you keep your thermostat on? Granted we are in Texas, but I keep ours at 67 to 68 most days, and if I sit still I freeze. But when I start moving around I burn up. Ugghh! Plus, during the day the heater hardly ever kicks on.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mommy's Little Helpers

Today I was cleaning my room and came across a little surprise. I have a full length mirror that has needed hanging forever, thanks Jon. Anyway, when I went to clean the unattached mirror, it was stuck to the wall. With bubble gum. Thanks Chloe and Hayden, for doing Dad's chores. And, yes I know it was Chloe and Hayden, because I sniffed it. I know exactly what flavor of gum Santa put in the stockings and I know precisely which two children were jumping on my bed and chewing gum the other day.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Where's Johnny?

I have had a mad crush on Johnny Depp since 21 Jump St. was on the air, way back when. Not one of those crazy crushes, I just like to look at him. If I ever ran into him in real life, I would be way too chicken to say a word. However, as much as I think he's a doll, I have to admit he is pretty darn clueless when it comes to fashion, (something he and I have in common!) So today while surfing online I came across this photo of him and I couldn't help but laugh. Seriously dude, aren't your pants a little high waisted and your shirt a little too low cut? And, dude I like, love your belt! Nice! Your mom called, she wants her suit back! Anyway, I forgive you. I have seen you look pretty funky in many pics and many movies, but all I see is this. You'll always be a babe to me.
P.S. Jon Myers, you're a babe too, and I love you forever...

I know, I know...

My blog has probably been boring everyone to tears. I really need to update the pictures, maybe change my layout, and blog about something other than BMX or my babysitting woes. I will get my groove back on soon, I promise. It's a little different when your kids are older and they are always on MySpace or have their Ipods on full blast. Not as many photo ops or cutesy little things to post about. I have been too tired this week to barely even think about blogging. Bear with me. I might just amaze everyone...
P.S. I say all this as if my blog is remotely interesting in the first place.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Help and Advice needed...STAT!

I don't care who you are, even if you're a stranger, help me!! I need all the advice I can get! Leave me a comment, you can do it anonymously. I need feedback.
Ok, so I have recently started a job as a nanny, daycare provider, babysitter, whatever you want to call it, and I think I may have made a mistake. Yes, I know in previous posts I have expressed how it's been fun, etc. However, I have done alot of soul searching today and as much as I want to help out my neighbor, I need me time as well. I had finally decided that 2008 was gonna be the year that I became true to myself and accomplished some goals that had been set years ago. All of my kids are in school now, and my life was essentially mine to to with whatever I wanted, a blank canvas so to speak. (Ok, between 8 and 2:30, but that's not the point). I have always been a people pleaser, and at times have found myself miserable because of it. I don't like people to be mad at me and I like to be helpful. I have a really hard time ever saying no. Which is the reason I said yes in the first place. I have been a mom since I was 18 years old. I essentially went from being a kid, to being a mom, to being a wife. More children quickly followed. As much as I have adored being with Emma, it has been really hard on me. I am getting up at 6:00, throwing on sweats or something similar, rushing around to get my kids out the door, and then bang here comes the baby. She takes 40 minutes to finish a bottle, and she eats every two hours. So, all day is feeding, diaper changes, and rocking her. She is really sweet and I adore babies, but I am drained. It would be different if she were mine. I could take her everywhere I wanted. I could let her cry if I needed to, without feeling bad about it. I could curl up in bed and let her nap with me, etc. When she finally goes home after 9 hours, I am too exhausted to cook, clean, or spend quality time with my own family. Yes, I know it's only been 3 days, but it's kinda wearing me down already. The only difference I see is that she is not mine, but it really is like having my own new baby. The not having time to eat, read a book, watch TV, go online, go shopping, even leaving the house, etc. It is taking up that much time. I really feel as if I need to be putting me and mine first, but instead I am too busy worrying about hurting someone's feelings or putting them out. So, you see I am very confused! What should I do? I was feeling so determined to make this year be the beginning of me living my best life ever, forever. Instead I feel like I am back at square one again. H-E-L-P!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Nanny Diaries

It's been a long week and it's only Tuesday evening. At times I feel as if I just had a baby, even though I am only babysitting. It is more tiring than I remember. And to top it all off, Hayden has pink eye and will be home tomorrow. Emma's mom and I agreed that if one of my kiddos was sick, I would make them keep their distance. She has no one else who can babysit Emma, plus she has no more sick days left. So, tomorrow should be interesting. I am already hard at work disinfecting everything. It's weird, my emotions have been all out of whack this week as well. I don't know what my problem is. I am sure I am feeling off because I have been stripped of a little bit of my new found (since August) freedom. Having a newborn here is odd and I would feel funny out shopping and running around with her. Especially since it's so cold and windy lately. And, this is a bit personal, but some people know I am feeling a little baby hungry for one of my own. Yes, I know I already have four. But, I am getting older and it is probably nothing more than my biological clock ticking. It must not have gotten the memo that I have been in labor more hours than I have spent shopping. It's actually a weird feeling and kinda embarrassing. I am quite sure that this baby factory is closed for good. I am really glad that I have been given the opportunity to care for and love such a sweet little girl. And, it's kinda like being a grandparent. I get to hand her back over to her parents each afternoon and I still get a good night's sleep.
P.S. I am sorry to go on and on about babysitting, it's stil new...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Like riding a bike...

uphill, barefooted, with a flat tire. Today was my first day of babysitting Emma and all I can say is WOW! It's been awhile, and I am out of practice, but it was fun! She is absolutely adorable. She is just learning to smile and is trying to coo. She smelled heavenly, like Dreft, Johnson's baby bath, and milk. She is however, alot spoiled! I spent most of the day holding her, since that is what she is accustomed to. Not that I minded. It did make it hard to get anything done. She is a messy little eater and she takes about 40 minutes to finish a 4 oz. bottle. Which is another thing I am not used to, I breastfed all of my kids, and knew nothing about those little bottles. The kind you drop the little bags into. You learn something new every day I guess. She is also a frequent spitter upper. So, today was fun, although I am worn out. I might actually lose weight too, since I didn't eat a bite until 2:00. Well, there you have it. My first day on the job. Each new day will definitely be interesting. And, by the way, my entire family is smitten with her. Even Jon.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

And the award goes to....

Welcome to the 1st annual Myersville awards ceremony. Competition for this year's awards took place during Christmas break. This year's winners are as follows:

Going the longest without a bath: Chloe
Eating the most candy: Hayden
Spending the most money: Ashley
Wearing the same pair of socks the longest: Hunter
Falling asleep first, every single night: Jon
Going the longest without brushing their teeth: Chandler
Staying up the latest: tie between Chandler and Hunter
Using the most cell phone minutes: Hunter
Most temper tantrums thrown: tie between Chloe and Hayden
Displaying the snottiest attitude: tie between Hunter and Chloe
Most internet usage: tie amongst all of us

Join us again next year for what is sure to be an interesting competition.

Feathering our nest...

Well, tomorrow is the day. The day I start babysitting Emma. Me and Chloe got to see her for the first time yesterday. We are smitten! She's adorable! Chloe got to feed her a bottle, and I don't think I've ever seen my daughter smile that big! She is definitely hinting around for a baby sister now. Not that I could choose the gender, but she has placed an order. Hopefully having Emma here will suffice. Daddy says no more babies. So, anyway, today I am running around cleaning house, for several reasons. It needs it, I am not sure how many chores I'll get done with a baby to look after, and I have not one but two appointments tomorrow, repairmen. So the next 24 hours should be interesting. I will be sure to update tomorrow and let everyone know how my first day on the job is going. That is if I put her down long enough to type anything.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Is this a joke?

Click here...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Got to be Startin' Something

Today is the day I take the advice from my new book. I cleaned out the frig and pantry and in a little bit I'm going grocery shopping. I am going to follow their program. However, in the process of throwing out the junk, I came upon chocolate chip cookie dough, Coca-Cola, and Velveeta shells-n-cheese. I couldn't bring myself to throw it out. So, I had a last supper so to speak. My favorite food groups are the cheese one, the chocolate one, and the Coke one. So for lunch I had mac-n-cheese and chocolate chip cookies, washed down with Coke. I swore I wouldn't post any nonsense about a New Year's resolution, but by golly I did it anyway. There you have it: I wanna lose weight, duh! I will be keeping the rest of my resolutions to myself, so as not to set myself up for failure. If I achieve even one of them, I will blog about it next year. If I still blog that is.
P.S. I also got this, so if you see me wearing something weird on my arm, don't be alarmed. It charts my calorie burn and intake.

Hoping and Praying...

that Britney Spears is FINALLY gonna get the help she so desperately needs! Click here for the latest...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...

Ok, that's a total joke. I couldn't resist using that title! But, I dug up this totally hilarious photo and thought it was appropriate. Yeah right! This was taken in 1993, after I lost the baby weight from Chandler. I am in what Jon likes to call my Sally Jesse Raphael phase, note the big red glasses. Kelli and I used to fight over those shorts. They were Girbaud jeans that she made into cutoffs. Looking back, I don't know what I was thinking, although they're pretty short, they are huge in the leg area. Anyway, enjoy a good laugh at my expense.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I got a JOB!

Well, as of 7:00 this evening, I got a job. Not a 9 to 5 job. Not a leave the house pack a lunch job. I got the kind of job that has always terrified me. I am now an official babysitter!!! I will be watching a 7 week old baby girl named Emma. I start Monday morning. And I am excited about the money, and getting to watch a sweet little baby girl. But I am scared because even though I've been around my fair share of children, it's been awhile and she's not mine! Plus, my baby fever might get a little worse... Wish me and her luck!

Weee'rrreee Baaack!

Happy Freakin' New Year! Did you miss us? We are finally home from our little BMX adventure trip! And, can I say that we are nuts? We went to our local BMX track, Cowtown for a little New Years Eve celebration at around 10. The actual racing didn't start until midnight, but the guys practiced on the track while Chloe and I froze to death and drank cold (hot) chocolate. There was free stew and chili, so that was nice. Jon, Hunter, and Hayden all raced. Jon did pretty good for his first time, he and Hayden got 3rd place, while Hunter brought home 1st place. While we had a good time, next year I am taking a heated blanket or something. It was freezing! We got home at 3:00 in the morning. I still had packing to do, and didn't get to bed until after 4. Let me tell you, 6:30 came quick! We cruised half awake to the new track, Building Champions Raceway in Leander, Tx and got lost of course. We finally made it, and once again the guys practiced while me, Chloe, and Chandler waited for Amy and Jesse to arrive. They got a little lost too. No biggie, we all hung out, froze some more, and watched the races. Hayden took 2nd, Hunter took 1st, and Jon didn't do as well as he would have liked. It was decided by all that Amy and Jesse would take Chan and Chloe home with them and me, Jon, and the boys would go on to Lonestar BMX track in San Antonio. Jon was not feeling well and decided not to race, so we watched Hunter and Hayden practice for the race in the comfort of our Suburban with a nice big blanket. Once again, Hunter got 1st and Hayden got 4th. He was not at all happy about that and cried himself to sleep, which took about 45 seconds. I am only a little jealous that Chan and Chloe got to hang out at Amy and Jesse's. They had pizza, played guitar hero, went to Target, made jewelry, curled their hair, and played with the dog. Well, ok, Amy and Chloe did hair and jewelry. We left San Antonio at around 7:30 and headed to their house. When we finally got there, we couldn't wait to go to sleep. It was not a relaxing trip, that's for sure. I personally have never been as tired or as cold in my entire life as I was the last two days. It was an adventure for sure, but I am not sure we'll do it again. I am bummed that we didn't get to see Amy and Jesse hardly at all. But the guest bed was pretty comfortable, so I am sure we'll be back. The kids definitely can't wait to go back. They are already planning the next trip. Well, there you have it in a nutshell, our 36 hour kick-off to the New Year! I hope everyone has an awesome year and that all of your resolutions, wishes, and dreams for 2008 come true.
P.S. #1 I took little or no pictures, I might have some to post later.
P.S. #2 Amy and Jesse- thanks a bunch for letting us crash at your place, and for coming so far to watch the boys race, it means alot! We'll be back! Give Jack a nice, fat, cold, wet kiss for us!