Friday, October 31, 2008

Redneck Halloween

For the record, I don't really think me and my neighbors are rednecks. It just sounded like a funny title, and we did eat hot dogs in the driveway...

Tonight we did what we do every year- we loaded a flatbed trailer full of blankets and kids and went trick or treating. It seemed as if there weren't as many houses participating this year. Maybe it's the economy? I mean who likes giving away free candy when bread costs $4 a loaf...? Maybe it's because it was a Friday, who knows? We still had a blast. One thing we changed up was what we did after. Since it wasn't a school night, we had a cookout. I made chili, my friend Erin made queso with sausage, and my other friend Mia made Ro-tel dip. And, Nona's husband Jesse grilled up some tube steak (hot dogs). We had chili, chili dogs, plain hot dogs, nachos, chips, sauerkraut, cookies, soda, and of course: CANDY! The kids ran around and played and we even did a movie (Casper) on the projector outside. The trick or treating was a little chaotic, it always is, but the "after party" was AWESOME! I definitely broke my diet tonight. But, I am down 17.5 pounds and I am starting to see my cheekbones again, so who the heck cares! I am kinda bummed though, as my big boys (Chan and Hunter) are at an age where it's no longer cool to hang out with mom and dad. They both hung out with friends tonight. I remember when we used to be the center of their world. I miss those days, but realize that's just how life is. Either way, I love them to pieces and I am so proud of my sweet, handsome boys. Also, a big thank you to Chandler and his friend Cameron for carving 2 pumpkins and passing out Halloween candy for all 10 trick or treaters that came to our door.

our barfing pumpkin

the trick or treaters

Chloe and Lyndsi

Hayden (crypt master, Jon let him choose this. Ugh!)

Chloe (punk rock princess fairy thingy)


driveway theatre

Hayden, Chloe, Madison, and McKenzie

Princess Vince

trailerful of trick or treaters

Chloe and Hayden and their loot

Hayden's CANDY!

Chloe's CANDY!

me and the spousal unit (look at my dark circles! Strep throat sucks!)


It's Electrifying

Ok, now this is funny! Click here for a good laugh!

Happy Freakin' Halloween - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

Have a wonderful, safe Halloween. Eat some candy for me!

Come again some other day...

I know that there are some people who would totally disagree with me. But, I detest this time of year. Yes, I love hot chocolate, holidays, yummy soups, roaring fires, and awesome sweaters. And, let's not forget- BOOTS! Although, as a salesgirl once told me "you're calves are way too gigantic for those boots." Huh?

Anyway, back to the point. As many good things as there are about the 2 upcoming seasons, to me there are just as many yuck things. And, since you know I love me a list, here goes-

chapped lips
static cling
getting "shocked" every time you touch anything (kissing is not so pleasant)
colds and flu
getting dark sooo early
cold sheets
cloudy, dreary days
crowds at EVERY store
traffic, traffic, traffic
5 solid minutes for the tap water to get hot!
dry, itchy skin
hurricane force winds (I heart Texas...)

So, while I know I am probably in the minority, I can't help it. Give me a warm Spring or Summer day- any day! You just can't beat green grass, flowers, birds chirping, swimming, ice cream, sandals, sundresses, and on and on. I could NEVER live in a place other than Texas. To some the weather is wacky, but to me it's wonderful. Except for November through February.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have strep throat

I am in a TON of pain. I am weepy.
The end.

Monday, October 27, 2008

In a nutshell

Lots to say and not alot of time, I have a softball game in an hour.

So, here's the deal:

My bad news was about church. They changed the boundaries in my ward. So, after finally getting to know a handful of people I am being sent to a new area. I had a really hard time fitting in and felt like I had started to belong a teeny bit. I guess the hardest part was Sunday. I honestly thought more people would care that I was going, but no. I had five whole people say they were gonna miss me. I shouldn't have been surprised. I kept to myself and almost always went alone. I kinda feel as if I had been a more important figure in my ward, Sunday wouldn't have been a huge disappointment. But, I am not sad or mad anymore. I am excited for yet another new adventure. And, just a little side note: only me and ONE other person are leaving...

Next order of business, sickness. This is the third week in a row that I have had a sick kid at home. First Hunter had fever and a mild sore throat 2 weeks ago, last week was Chan and the "rash debacle". Now, it's Hayden. He has been running fever since yesterday morning. It has never gone below 99.5, so today they were able to squeeze us in for an appointment. And, he has strep. My poor baby. He was right, this is the sicko time of year. So, he is home with me til Wednesday. He even asked me if I would take a nap with him today. He hasn't done that in 3 years. So we napped, and I must have been super groggy when we cuddled and he kissed me on the lips... Crossing my fingers that no germs jumped off his lips and onto mine!

And, last but not least. Weight. I am hovering at anywhere from 15.5 to 16 pounds lost. Which really annoys me. I can notice a slight difference, but I want more. I have zero motivation. Things have just been so busy lately. My eating is fine, I am just not exercising. I am really not sure what to do? I keep saying I am gonna go for a walk or bike ride with Jon each night. But, the DVR is always calling my name. Loudly. It also bugs me that even though I know I am doing better, to the "world" I am still the fat chick. I really shouldn't care what other people think, but I do. I wanna be the hot mom, not the fat mom with the big butt.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet me at the flagpole...

Yesterday when Hayden got in the car after school he informed me that he got into a fight at recess and that he was in bad trouble. He is grinning the whole time he is saying it so I totally thought he was pulling my leg. Then he showed me this:

So, I asked him what happened and this was his "story". A boy named Johnny (seriously...) asked him to play Ninja Turtles. So, Hayden obliged and they started playing Ninja Turtles. I guess Ninja Turtles is wrestling and ninja moves with a little kung fu/Bruce Lee mixed in. And, evidently alot of punching. Johnny punches REAL HARD according to Hayden. So, Hayden recruited back-up. In the form of four other boys. So, pretty soon 6 little boys were slapping, kicking, and punching each other. At one point they even fell into a massive snarling heap only to jump up and play more Ninja Turtles. Some of the kids took it really serious, while others were still "playing". Eventually the teachers noticed and separated everyone. No one called me. I mean Hayden is a shy, quiet, sweet little boy and is a little goofy and I really feel as if was really "playing". I can't speak for the other boys. Hayden can be a brat, but he would never be intentionally violent or mean. Until he's provoked. So, being as yesterday was Friday and all I got was a note I can only go on what my kid said. But, I do know this: for some odd reason he thought it was funny. I am scratching my head over it because Hayden is so not that way. Anyway, I asked him if he was hurt and he said "not that bad." We are on bruise watch, so far nothing. I never thought in a million years my little Hayden would get in trouble. Ever. He's never had bad behavior at school. So odd. And in 1st grade no less!

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe

So far since I have had my blog I have tried to do a nice post for family birthdays. I did one for Chloe's early birthday party but not her actual birthday. We were in Utah, and then school started etc, etc. I reminded her that I did one for her party, (see the awesomeness here) but she said she wanted one with BABY photos. I do feel bad, it has been 3 months since her birthday. So, I got my scanner dusted off and scanned lots of baby pics.

I love you to the moon and back. You are my special baby girl. I never thought in a million years I would be blessed with such a sweet, talented, beautiful little girl. Me and you are a team in this crazy houseful of stinky boys. Love ya baby doll! Happy Be-LATE-ed birthday!

First official portrait 7-25-97

Fresh and new Chloe with Mommy and Daddy (dob 7-24-97)

Mommy, Chloe, and Aunt Sarah (8 days old)

Chloe Halloween 1997

Chloe and Nana's dog (she used to ride him like a horse)

Chloe Christmas 1999

Chloe in 2000 with one of Aunt Kelli's kittens

after gymnastics class in 2001

gymnastics team photo (Hot Shots 2001-2002)

Aunt Amy and Chloe getting her hair did. She would always make Amy corn-row her hair

Kindergarten picture 2002

Chloe and Hayden showing their muscles 2004

Chloe 2nd grade

Chloe 5th grade

Thursday, October 23, 2008


So, Chandler has a condition. What started out as poison ivy has turned into one heck of an infection. A staph one to be exact. He hasn't been to school all week due to constant itching and weeping (oozing). Gross would be an understatement. I took him to the Dr. AGAIN today, and they were speechless. It really looks bad, and he's in alot of pain. He woke me up at 2:30 this morning asking for Vicodin. "Sure honey, just grab one out of my purse." Like I really have those on hand. They swabbed it and sent it to "the lab" for testing. If it doesn't clear up considerably by Monday he is gonna have to go see the infectious diseases specialist, stat. For now he is on antibiotics, oral and topical. Plus, lots of Advil. I am praying it will clear up fast. Obviously I don't want anything to be wrong with him and he doesn't need to miss anymore school. That child, I tell you what. In the last 18 months he has had: 2 ingrown toenails removed, surgery to remove a ping pong ball sized cyst from his neck, and a broken tibia and torn ligaments in his ankle, which equalled 2 surgeries. So, after this I am going to have him placed in a large protective bubble. And, I am including photos. They are really graphic. So, don't scroll down if you are squeamish.


I found out some news today that made me sad. I am sworn to secrecy for the next few days until the cat's out of the bag. In this particular situation, this news couldn't come at a worse time. But, I am hoping it will be a good thing. Although at this moment it has me a bit melancholy. I will for sure get on here and update everyone Monday or so. To some people this news will mean nothing, others have been there before, and I hope some people will be as bummed as me. So, feel free to guess or sympathize if you are so inclined. I can tell some people but not others and definitely I won't post it in comments.

P.S. No, I am most definitely NOT pregnant and everyone I know is fine. Just in case that was your guess...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Addition

My sister Kelli had her baby today, yay! And, due to her prone to fainting husband/ my brother in law (Bryce), I got to go in the OR during her c-section. I have been there each time she has had her babies and I freaking love it! Awesome experience. I would love to be a Labor and Delivery or NICU nurse, but I really don't wanna go to school. Maybe I could fake it? Anyway, everything went well and he is a little doll. We think he looks alot different than his two brothers, his hair seems lighter and his little face has the same expressions but he looks like his own little self. Of course babies grow so fast he will probably look different tomorrow. Now, for more details: Corgan Kelly Taylor was born at 12:31 p.m, weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. and was 19 & 3/4 inches long. He makes the cutest little sounds and is totally serious about eating. He is a champion nurser! I just loved holding him and kissing his sweet little face. His brothers are gonna be in love with that little cutie! Of course being a chick, I got a teeny bit baby hungry, especially after seeing the cute clothes in the Mommy and Baby boutique at the hospital. But, it has now passed. Whew! I am in a no more babies phase this week. But, enough about me. Congrats guys! We love y'all!

Corgan Kelly Taylor

Kelli and Corgan

Eating his blankie

Aunt Ashley and Corgan

Sooner dress! How cute is that?

P.S. This is my parent's 28th grandchild!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Make new friends, but keep the old...

Today I had the awesome opportunity to get to hang out with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Maranatha. I have known her since I was in 8th grade and she was in 6th. Unfortunately we both went our separate ways and it's been a loooong time since I've seen her, 14 years to be exact. I last saw her at my reception, May 11th, 1996. When I found out she was gonna be in the metroplex I jumped at the chance to get to see her and meet her two boys, Inti and Ocean. We met at a neat little park in Grand Prairie for a picnic. But, not being a planner I didn't bring lunch. Which was fine, because I got to try some of their hummus and I was so excited to be with my friend, that I didn't even notice I was hungry until my drive back home. Even though lots of things have happened in our lives and we are older and a little different now, I know she would do anything for me and I the same. I just adore her. And, it was pretty darn neat to see her with babies of her very own. She is like a sister to me. I really had fun hanging out and playing with her boys. Good times. I can't wait to see her again and for sure it will be sooner than 14 years!

Inti testing out some fake zombie eyeballs

Ocean, worn out

Ashley and Maranatha: self portrait (I look so freaking tired)

opening the goodies Miss Ashley brought

group shot

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blogger Stew

I could do three different posts about three separate things I feel like blogging about, but it's my blog and I'll do what I want. I'm doin' them all-in-one.

First order of business, the weekly weigh in. This week I was just as lazy as last week. Due to being really busy and having two messed up knees. I played my behind off in softball last Monday and I am still paying the price. We don't have a game tomorrow, so I have one whole week to keep them iced and wrapped, and hopefully get all healed up. I found out tonight that we are gonna sign our team up for the Winter league, which is cool. I can get in two days of exercise for sure each week that way. It also means I am gonna have to put up the Nike's and get honest to goodness real softball cleats. I am gonna try and find a pair that matches my pink glove. Anyway, back to the point. I am down 14.5 pounds! I am addicted to Lean Cuisines and Coke Zero. End of point.

Second order of business, blogging. I just want to say I really like my blog, ALOT! It is fun and a little addictive. I look at it often. I can't imagine ever not blogging. Everytime I go somewhere, I take pictures, just in case I blog about what I'm doing. I even take pictures of food in restaurants. You should see the pictures on my computer. There are photos of Cokes, food, etc. I love when people read my blog. I love it even more when people comment. Makes all the picture taking and typing worth it. Not sure why it matters, but it does. I guess it's an ego thing. I know some people could care less about comments. Not me, I totally care.

And, last but not least, church. I let my mind wander today during sacrament. I know, I know. Anyway, as I was letting my thoughts float around, I was pondering things about church that stump me and sometimes make me laugh. Like, how I always manage to get the hardest chunk of bread and the teeniest cup of water at sacrament. Or, people who sit in the same place every week, and would almost rather go home than sit somewhere different. And, why is it always so flippin' loud in the back? Why do the same kids always get up and down 22 times each and every week? And, could it get any colder in the chapel? Is it ok to speed on your way to church just so you can partake of the sacrament? And on and on... I usually always listen and I definitely always learn something amazing, but today I wasn't on my game.

Ok, the end.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Tonight was our ward's Trunk or Treat. I am on the activities committee, so I got there early to help set up. It was a ton of fun, but after getting there early and running around in the HOT sun, I am sunburned and exhausted. There was lots of yummy chili and cornbread, and the ultimate- homemade root beer complete with lots of fog (dry ice). There were games and activities galore, trunk or treating, face painting, you name it. But, hands down, the #1 fave of every kid there: bounce houses. Those things never get old. And, best of all, they were loaned to us for FREE! How awesome is that? There were also some pretty cute costumes. Except for my kids. Being the un-cool mom that I am, I didn't let the kids wear theirs. I know, mean huh? But, I didn't want their costumes messed up, plus I found these groovy Halloween T-shirts that blinked. I, however did dress up. I made myself a pretty cool costume, and it only cost $1! The good news: I won a prize for most original costume, the bad: only 4 people knew what I was supposed to be. It was pretty funny to see people try and guess what I was. I am a tad disappointed though, I didn't think it was that hard to figure out. Oh well, I liked it. I did have a good time getting to socialize with people from church I don't know all that well. And, I got to see my friend Barbara from way back when and meet her kids. I am so glad the party went well, but I am also thankful it's over, 'cause I am worn out. I have a bubble bath and a new magazine waiting with my name on it.

Chloe and Hayden

Hayden and his OU face paint.

Cutest 6 year old ever!

Our chauffeur for the night

The costume

The golden plates lay hidden...

Me and Chloe and the MySpace "mirror pic"

P.S. I was the Gold Plates if you didn't get it