Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ashley's Back to School To Do List

With school and new babies just around the corner, I have a ginormous to do list. Can you say, busy?

Pick up Chan's football equipment (2 a days start Monday)

Register 4 kids at 4 different schools on 4 different days...

Yearly checkups for 4 kids on 2 different days

Take Chan and Hunter for new glasses and contacts

Meet with counselors at Chan and Hunter's schools (Chan is gonna retake Spanish and Hunter doesn't want to do Athletics)

Plan Amy's baby shower

Help plan Kelli's baby shower dinner

Shop for school supplies and school uniforms for 4 kids

Return my mom's luggage

Take my friend Val her computer

Go get baby shower invites, address and mail

Send thank you notes to the family in Utah

Child Support court, again...

Possibly meet Chandler's grandma, Christelle

Take Coco to the vet to get fixed

Dermatologist for my skin problem

All of this in addition to normal cooking, cleaning, errands, bills, laundry, etc. I really need an assistant. Or a sister wife. Just kidding. Seriously though, I am sure more things will come up. Whatever will I do? Breath Ash, you can do it...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

National Lampoon's Myersville Vacation

Well, as promised I am doing THE POST about our "vacation". I am waiting on some pics from my sister in law to be emailed to me and my card reader broke, so I can't download any. But, as soon as I get some pics I will post them. We had a pretty amazing time and just to be with family made my year. It has been anywhere from 11 to 13 years since I have seen my siblings and they have spouses and children I have never even met. We had plenty of highs, lows, and drama. So, here goes:

The Highs

1. Having lunch at Mcgrath's and going to The Living Planet Aquarium with my brother Ken. I couldn't believe he was sitting across from me for reals. And, I forgive him for spilling a large ice cold Dr Pepper on my leg.
2. Seeing my brother Jason and meeting his wife Cadette and their daughters Skylar, Makayla, and Riley. Sweet and beautiful family. We spent a ton of time with Jason and his girls. He has turned into a pretty amazing husband and father. Who woulda thunk it?
3. Driving through gorgeous Provo Canyon. We saw moose, streams, deer, and a giant fire up in the mountains. Absolutely breathtaking!
4. Seeing Jeremy and meeting his wife Denise and their kiddos, Christoper and Alexandra. Jeremy is so freaking hilarious, especially now that he dresses like a mountain man and has a full beard.
5. Just being in Utah during Pioneer Day. The spirit there was amazing. The museums were so neat. The films we saw were so touching. I am so blessed and proud to be a member of the LDS church.
6. Getting to spend all day Saturday with 4 of my brothers. We went to my sister in law's family cabin up in the mountains. The cabin was built in 1904 and was so neat. Nestled in the mountains among trees, complete with a stream. We ate and talked while the kids played games on the grass, tubed in the stream, and went swinging on the coolest (tallest) tree swing ever.
7. Getting to spend so much time with Jon and the kids.
8. Being able to absorb so much church history.
9. Not having to cook or clean for a week. Thank you family for feeding us and thank you to the cleaning staff at the Holiday Inn Express.
10. Making it there and back in one piece.

The Drama

1. Seeing my sister Julie. She is not in a good place in life at all. I will not elaborate, if you know me you know the situation. Pray for her....
2. The trailer. Dragging. Heavy. Nuisance. Expensive.
3. Our hotel toilet overflowing. Thanks Hunter.
4. Not seeing much of my brother Ken. Not getting to meet 6 of Julie's kids. Sadness.
5. My niece Mary cussing me out. No worries. I can cuss people out way better than her.
6. My brother Jason accidentally shooting a hole in his roof with a shotgun...
7. Not enough time to spend with family.
8. Chloe throwing the most GIANT tantrum ever. I thought the cops were gonna come. Or the very least we would be thrown out of our hotel.
9. All the farting. Seriously, who knew?
10. The driving almost killed us. So freaking long and far. Nothing to see but road. We drove in 10 to 12 hour stretches. Once we started hallucinating we knew it was time to rest.
11. Hayden getting stuck in the water on a pile of rocks in the stream. Scary. I have never heard him cry so hard.
12. Hunter falling from the tree swing. He looked like a rag doll. I was afraid to look at him after the fall. His legs look like raw meat. Scary stuff.
13. Getting back to normal. Missing my brothers and sister. Thinking we should move there. Am I freaking crazy?
14. Driving home with tears on my face and a lump in my throat. I don't think that feeling will ever go away.
So, there you have it. It was crazy and fun and memorable. I can't wait to do it again. I love my family so much. The past week was a blast! I am sure I will remember more. Like fry sauce and Chloe eating so much dessert on her birthday she almost barfed in the bushes. As soon as I think of more, I am so posting.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We are back in Texas. We made it home safe and sound. I have lots to tell and not many pictures to show. I spent so much time talking and laughing that the camera was forgotten. I am kind of bummed about it, but oh well. The memories will be in my heart and mind forever. We are only slightly exhausted, and the entire family slept until noon today. I will get on and do a thicker meatier post later. I have unpacking and laundry to do today. Plus, lots of crap to fix around here. My dogs ate parts off of our pool pump and ants have invaded my pantry. I need to water the grass and fill the pool. The fish bowls are cloudy. There's stinky leftovers in the frig. And, my poor van. Jon has taken her to get the tires rotated, the oil changed, and a much deserved bubble bath and wax. So, I'll be back on later. I know you can't wait...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Looks like we made it...

Whew! We are EXHAUSTED! We left our house at 4:30 Tuesday, 4 hours later than we wanted and the chaos immediately began. Fighting over tv's, fighting over seats, trailer had the wrong kind of hitch, and we had to make a deposit at the bank...Which I had to do on foot, since the trailer wouldn't fit under the awning. Anyway, we are here and it was such a loooong drive. We got on the road good at 6:00 in the evening and ate dinner in Amarillo at 9. Then we made the executive decision that we would drive til we couldn't drive no more. We stopped a few times for gas and ended up driving all freaking night! We finally threw in the towel in Gallup, New Mexico at 6 in the morning. Where we slept at the grossest hotel ever until 10:30. We barely got out the door before checkout at 11, after which we had a greasy Denny's breakfast. Back to the van we went. Driving, driving, and more driving. We somehow got off of our original plan of Texas, New Mexico, then Utah, and ended up in Colorado briefly. Anyway, long story short we are in Sandy, Utah. Bathed, fed, and tired and fixing to hit the hay. Other than a few teeny issues, the kids were amazing.

Points of interest:

the adjustment to the altitude was odd
Hunter farted 143 times
we saw rabbits, snakes, prairie dogs, and deer... big shocker huh?
Super 8 motels are GROSS
Hilton Garden Inns are much nicer
Chan is homesick already

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All packed... and somewhere to go!!!!

Wow, what an ordeal! I have finally finished packing and cleaning my entire house! I still need to tie up a few loose ends, like a pedicure. Not sure if I am an over-packer or what? But, it seems like we are taking a TON of stuff. Here's what we are taking:

my scriptures
8 outfits x 4 boys = 32 outfits
12 outfits x 2 girls = 24 outfits
4 pairs of shoes x 4 boys = 16 pairs of shoes
8 pairs of shoes x 2 girls = 16 pairs of shoes
24 pairs of socks
more clean underwear than you can count (you know what they say...)
2 laptops
4 Ipods
4 walkie talkies
24 DVD's
car DVD player
portable DVD player
4 cell phones + chargers
navigation system
straightening iron, hair products, and hair dryer
GIANT first aid kit
6 towels
4 bathing suits
1 acoustic guitar
3 BMX bikes
3 helmets
racing gear (clothes, gloves, pads, and clip shoes)
snacks and a loaded ice chest
toiletries (perfume and lotion included)
games (dominos, cards, handheld guitar hero)
coloring books and crayons
2 purses
2 cameras
1 video camera
4 blankets and 4 pillows
air bed and pump
canopy and 6 lawn chairs
6 human beings

All squeezed into an 8x4 U-Haul trailer pulled by a 2008 Honda Odyssey minivan. So, what do you think? Am I missing anything? Don't laugh if you see us dragging the ground...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Quilt Giveaway!!

I came across this post from Miss Sarah about a quilt giveaway. And man, is it a gorgeous quilt! What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Old Red Barn Co. for your chance to win this BEAUTIFUL quilt!! You can get there by clicking the above link or the graphic in the upper right hand corner. Good luck!! If YOU win, will you share?

**thanks Sarah**

Can you repeat that please?

Chloe came in tattling to me that Hayden said the "P" word. So, I thank her for keeping me informed and go have a mommy-son talk with Hayden about his salty language.

me: Hayden, did you say a bad word? The "P" word?

Hayden: sorta?

me: how come punkin? That's not a nice word to say.

Hayden: I was telling Chloe about a cartoon character on Disney channel.

me: Oh really, what character?

Hayden: This guy named "Flat Tub Puss".

me: do you mean Platypus?

Hayden: yes mom, his name is Perry the Flat Tub Puss.

me: oh, okay Perry the Platypus!

Hayden: yep!

me: all right, nevermind, I was just wondering...

And then I covered my mouth and laughed so hard I almost cried.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hi, my name is Ashley...

and I have a problem. A clothes problem! I have washed, folded, hung up, put away, and packed clothes since 6:30 and I have no more space. I still have 4 more loads to wash and fold. Not to mention the largest pile of socks on earth. It's amazing how much your sock hamper can grow when you do laundry! I now have a hamper and a basket full of socks and I still have to match them all up. The closets are packed, no one's drawers will close and I am almost out of hangers. I have no idea how I am gonna fit school uniforms into our limited drawer and closet space. For years I have complained about not enough room for clothes, and I finally realized that we have plenty of room, we just have too many clothes. I have packed 8 outfits and 2 sets of p.j's for each person, so I thought for sure that we would have some empty drawers and closets. But no, it's worse. Now I know why I am always behind on laundry, no where to put it. When we get home from Utah, I am doing a major clothes purge. Did I mention that we had a garage sale in April and that I gave away 4 garbage bags of clothes just today? Wow, I am just in shock.
P.S. packing for 6 people is harder than I ever imagined. If we ever get to go on our dream Hawaiian or Disney World vacation, we are bringing bathing suits and nothing else.... and I am not even kidding!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nipped in the Bud

A few days ago I posted about Hunter and his friend Will. Turns out, it kinda solved itself in a round-about way. The other night Jon gave Hunter permission to spend the night with Will, (I was out shopping). Anyway, I had just gone to bed at 3 (don't ask) and about 47 minutes later I am jolted out of bed by the doorbell! Scared me half to death! I was in that just getting unto a deep sleep state, that when you are woken up suddenly you are all jittery and shaky. Toss in some adrenaline, and I was a little freaked out. I nudged Jon to wake up, and got the kids off of the couch and into my room. I am not suite sure who I thought it was? But, in my opinion anyone ringing your doorbell at 3:47 can't be bringing a plate of brownies, only bad things. I quickly remembered the dogs ate the baseball bat I keep for protection and that somewhere in Jon's shop he has a stun-gun. So, the words oh and shit flashed through my mind. Turns out it was Hunter! Will's mom and stepdad got into a fight. And, apparently it was bad enough to bring my kid home. WTF? He said that they were sleeping and the mom came in and said that they had been fighting and Hunter needed to leave. No phone call, no details. I made a mental note to check the news the next day. It must have been pretty intense for them to make Hunter leave. So, needless to say Hunter won't be hanging out there anymore. I am gonna be on him like white on rice. (thanks, dad!)

So much to do, so little time...

Man, getting ready for a trip is hard! Not only am I doing the normal cooking, cleaning, errands, shopping, etc, but I am frantically chipping away at a mile long to do list. I still have to download songs to Chloe's Ipod, get a mani-pedi, take Chandler and Hayden to get haircuts, more shopping, rent movies and games at Blockbuster.... and the list could go on and on. I am feeling myself getting a little paranoid, frantic, and overwhelmed. I guess I just underestimated the amount of time and planning necessary for 6 people to go on a road trip. I am usually pretty thorough and have been in this process, but I have to wonder if I worry too much? And, I am definitely an over packer, so this should be fun. I have also, encountered some drama along the way and we haven't even left yet. None of it even related to this trip, but enough to have left me rattled and upset. And, enough to have eaten up a solid day on the phone and email trying to fix it. Apparently I suck... I will not go into detail. Suffice it to say the people involved know what happened and that it was unnecessary. I was also unable to get in to see my dermatologist, because appointments aren't important? I went in and it was standing room only! They were a solid hour behind, so I left. I have armed myself with Barbie and Spongebob bandaids so I should be ok. And, did you know that if you have a sunroof you can't have a flip down TV/DVD? We took the van in to get one installed, and no can do. We could get one installed at the Honda dealership, but it costs $2,000! It requires a whole different type of sunroof and tv that are all one big unit. They can't do it at a regular electronics place. So, we are gonna have to get the kind that hangs on the back of the seats. Anyway, just wanted to post to keep everyone updated on stressed frazzled me! I am crossing my fingers that the rest of the planning and the actual trip go off without a hitch...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'd like her body please...

Something is seriously wrong when a broad who is 58 years old looks this good in a bathing suit. It's even more wrong when a 62 year old who could possibly be someone's grandma looks better. I am sure not many people will agree with me on that. I am just not a fan of fake. And the chick on the right looks like she has a fake tan, extensions, and fake lips. Not sure about the boobies. I'll let y'all speculate on that...

left Helen Mirren aged 62 and right Linda Thompson 58

Seriously though, I'd like to order one Fountain of Youth Flat Abs and Large Breasts please. Note to self: put down the cookie and get on your treadmill, STAT! I was curious about Helen Mirren. I googled her and she's never had any children and apparently likes to get her picture taken while naked....And, Linda Thompson is mom to Brody Jenner. I think he was on the Hills or something? Anyway, maybe this post will inspire someone to get their butt in gear.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

That's the best they could do?

We got papered/wrapped/TP'D last night. Not sure what you call it. Whoever did it needs some serious lessons. I need to gather together some people who can do serious damage. Like my friends from Young Women's back when I was a freshman in high school. Our best job ever was at a family's house in our ward, the Adamson's. Some of you may remember them. Anyway, we were at an activity, a YW sleepover. And the YW president took us to Sack -n- Save where we bought 42 rolls of toilet paper and lots of forks and shoe polish. I am sure the clerk had no idea what we were gonna do, wink wink. We covered their front AND backyard with toilet paper. We put shaving cream in the mailbox, 6 pizza boxes were strewn in the yard, we sidewalk chalked the whole driveway, forked the whole yard, and even soaped the windows of their house. Our only problem was we forgot one of the boys worked late at night delivering pizzas and he drove up and caught us. Oh well, it was almost as fun cleaning it as it was doing it. I think however, one of my proudest moments as a wrapper was when I wrapped this really pompous dude's car. We dated a tiny bit and he reeeaaally liked his car. He had a decked out Ford Probe, which in the early 90's was a nice car. But, he thought his shit didn't stink and he needed to be reminded that it indeed did stink. So, my friends and I wrapped his entire car and wet the paper down, so it stuck. We then took photos and had them blown up 8X10 size. He was gifted with it in a lovely wooden frame. Needless to say he was slightly pissed. To the tune of reporting us to the cops. I am determined to find the pics of that incident and I will scan them later today. In the meantime, enjoy a few photos of our yard this morning. FYI, they also tossed a couple of maxi pads on the ground. And, they were MAXI!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I need someone's 2 cents worth

Ok, here's the deal. Hunter has a buddy named Will. They met this past school year. At first they were content to talk at school, at lunch, after school etc. Well, the latter part of the school year they started hanging out ALL THE TIME. On Wednesdays I would let Hunter go home with Will and hang out. That was fine until I found out sometimes they were left alone, which isn't that big of a deal. Except once, on a school night around 9:15 Hunter still wasn't home and he wouldn't answer his phone. I went over there and knocked on the door and Will's mom said Hunter was at another kid's house. Which I don't think is a good idea, it was agreed he would go to their house. She shouldn't have let him leave her house to go somewhere else. I do let Hunter spend the night with them, but never thought it was a big deal. What mom wouldn't let her high strung, hormonal, borderline A.D.D. son spend the night with a friend? There have also been issues with money. Will hasn't exactly made it a secret that he is "rich". Well, his siblings are grown and both his mom and stepdad work, not to mention regular child support payments... Hunter isn't stupid, he has heard Jon and I discuss medical bills and this past Christmas was kinda lean compared to other years. I heard him comment to Will once that we were poor. That threw me off, since Hunter does have a cell phone, a brand new X-box 360, expensive race bike, etc. I think he took the money thing too far. Or, I may have teased that we were broke and he took it too literal. One of my issues with Will and his mom is that she has given Hunter nice shirts; new and used and the icing on the cake was when she bought him a $150 skateboard. Well, lately it's been constant asking to spend the night, Hunter sneaking over there when I am not home, and he even calls them for a ride when he does want to go over or when he needs to come home. Saturday she called my phone and asked if he could stay over!!! And, today may have been the straw that broke the camel's back: I called Hunter home to try on some new shorts I bought for our trip, I noticed he got home quick. And, sure enough when I looked outside, the mom's car drove off. Well, not 5 minutes after he had been here his phone rang. And, this is what I heard Will say; "are you done? It's been 5 minutes, we drove around." Is all this weird or am I crazy?

P.S. and before anyone asks, yes Hunter likes girls. I am not thinking it's that! I am just curious as to what the fascination is on Hunter, Will, and the mom's part? Is it no other kids are there? A cute girl in the neighborhood? What?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nifty Fifties Birthday!

Today was Chloe's 11th birthday party! We will be in Utah on her actual birthday, so we had her party today. Technically she's still 10, but we'll pretend otherwise. We did a 50's style sock hop at The Old Town Malt Shop in Burleson. Neat party room, and it was only $65 bucks! We had the whole room to ourselves and it was big. We attempted a hula hoop contest and a bubble gum blowing contest, neither of which worked out. Several of the girls poodle skirts wouldn't stay up and most of the kids there didn't know how to blow a bubble. I kinda feel bad for Chloe, she doesn't have too many girlfriends and having a Summer birthday doesn't help matters. She ended up having 2 other girls her age there. But, we had a good turnout of family and friends and everyone had fun. The biggest hits of the whole party were musical chairs to 50's music and the giant record pinata. And, just shoot me: but I have the most beautiful daughter. She is blossoming into such a beautiful young lady. She is still a little girl though, which was pretty obvious when she made her birthday wish list: brownies, a Wall-E pillow, and a mini indoor trampoline. The trampoline was her favorite gift, even more so than her new cell phone. I must be crazy...

the cake (Sweet Imaginations in Burleson)

opening her loot

Chloe and Taylor (friends since they were babies)

Chloe and Taylor (Pink Ladies)

me and Hayden

Princess Chloe

She is so beautiful

my and my baby girl

me and Chloe, again

me and Hayden

Chloe and the Wall-E pillow, Hayden "helping" open gifts

Tanisha and Garrison (Grayson's mom and brother)

Grayson (Chandler's half brother)

the kiddos at the partay

Taylor, Rachel, and Chloe

Dalton (and his slicked back hair!)

Chloe multitasking (blowing gum and hula hooping)

three generations of Taylor's

P.S. thanks to everyone who helped me. And Vince, you looked awesome!! He was the only other adult besides me to dress up. Of course I forgot to get our picture, duh.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Busy Bee

Hey All!!
I have been busy planning Chloe's birthday party. We are doing a 50's style sock hop. Nothing exciting is going on and I am sure no one wants to see a picture of me shopping. Although, I do have an interesting tidbit. I have been having a hard time finding 50's stuff, especially clothes. I had gone into a party store and stopped at Claire's. No one at either place had heard of sock hops or cat eye glasses. I must be older than I realize?? Anywho... Chloe's birthday is actually on July 24th. Which in the Mormon world, is a major holiday. Pioneer Day, the day the Mormons arrived in Salt Lake City. So, in Utah it's a state holiday. Chloe would like to move there, go figure?

Speaking of Utah... I can't wait to get there. 12 more days. I am just so happy to be able to see my family. I am hoping and praying everything goes off without a hitch. From the planning and the packing to the finances and the looooong drive. I am in desperate need of luggage, a portable auto DVD player, and any ideas to occupy the kids to make the drive as smooth and un-boring as possible. So far I found a way to get some luggage, here. (Nowadays, spending $35 bucks is a breeze. We spent that on ingredients for one dinner!) But, if ANYONE has anything I can borrow or any advice I would be eternally grateful. Cross your fingers that the party, the trip, the baby shower I have planned in August for Amy, and another trip to child support court don't drive me B*A*N*A*N*A*S!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

10:16 on a Saturday night *

Chloe and Hayden have their days and nights mixed up. It's not unusual for them to be wrestling, eating, or something crazy late at night. Saturday night after we shot off fireworks (again) they decided to stuff pillows into their pajamas and sumo wrestle. I swear they are so funny! Creative little stinkers.

Not going down without a fight

before the fight

Grrrr, you wanna piece of us?

Belly bump

Butt bump

Hello, anybody there?

*title taken from a Cure song

Monday, July 7, 2008

By the tag on my skinny skin skin

Ok, so I confess. I have a funky ole skin tag. Yuckola! One of those nasty little flesh colored mole thingies. They don't hurt, they are just UGLY! It is kinda under my arm. Even though I never wear sleeveless shirts, I have always been self conscious about it. If I wear a cap sleeve shirt or raise my arm a certain way you can see it. Well, as part of my improve what I can without losing 100 pounds effort, I decided I would remove this thing. That along with Crest whitestrips, fresh haircut and color, a pedicure, and a couple of new outfits were gonna be the extent of my overhaul. So I can look as cute as humanly possible when I go to Utah. Being a wimp I decided snipping it off was out of the question, although I know a few people who have successfully done this. I had a friend even tell me to twist it off. Ouch! I called a few dermatologists and they wanted $250 to remove it. No thank you. So, being an uninsured cheapskate, I opted for what I'll call an "herbal non FDA approved remedy." Something called Emune, which no longer even shows up when you Google it...scary. Jon had ordered it, and was able remove a few moles last summer. I guess it has a short shelf life? Not only did this thing not remove my skin tag, it basically ate a greenish yellow hole above and below the offensive skin. Gross! It hurts, it's uglier than ever, it's infected. I had to make an emergency appointment at a dermatologist today. I was treated by a lovely nurse practitioner who I believe was addicted to Botox. I think she smiled at me a few times. But, I'm not sure. Her face never moved. For sure she had lip injections. Trout pout I believe it's called. Anyway, she gave me antibiotics and a super turbo ointment to kill the infection. I am going back in two weeks to have it removed, if my arm hasn't fallen off by then. And, grand total counting both appointments and a mole check: $210. So, if I would have called in the beginning I could have had it removed for $165. Lesson learned.

I am including a photo. It is soooo gross. Don't look if you are easily grossed out. Not the greatest pic, but aiming a camera at your armpit is hard!


I have really tried to stay out of the stores on Sundays, so I can obey at least some of the commandments. But, I had already left church early and eaten at Cheddars, so I kinda messed the day up. We needed groceries so bad that my kids were gonna have to start eating sheetrock or I was gonna be hauled in for neglect. So, I headed to the store tonight at 10:30. Thinking the Lord would be okay with me selecting things as long as I waited until midnight to pay for them. I took my bodyguard Chandler and his little bro Grayson with me just in case someone felt like mugging me. Big mistake. Although I wasn't attacked, I was embarrassed badly! Chandler farted in every single aisle. And, they were so awful smelling that not one but two Walmart workers gagged and let out a few choice curse words. One of them even got watery eyes. If only fart clouds were green like in the cartoons. By the time we got to produce (which is usually my last stop) he was all farted out. So, he decided to liven up the party a little bit by pushing the cart. No biggie, except he managed to knock a bottle of Worcestershire sauce out onto to floor. Where it busted, and splashed me... on my pants... and my toes. Then here came the clean up guy and he said to me: "when you get home maybe someone can suck that off your toes."

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hell hath frozen over...

I got a freakin' child support check today! 66 whole dollars. Woo hoo! I am supposed to be getting that amount weekly I think? It should be 3 times that, to cover back child support and back medical bills. But, there's this little thing called an appeal. Maybe you've heard. Anyway, that check along with a $7 refund from the hospital will fill my gas tank and buy me a 20 oz Coke and a Snickers bar.... I am speechless. I can't believe that Roger *-the child support-* Dodger came through. It's not every day you get money in the mail. If only.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A little bit superstitious?

As long as Jon and I have been married, we have ocassionally been taunted by black cats. It started the night we got married. There was one in the parking lot of the hotel we stayed in on our wedding night. When we lived in Grand Prairie, a black cat would sleep on Jon's car in our driveway. Same thing in Arlington, one would randomly hang around our yard. I can't even tell you how many times one has ran in front of our car. We have seen them in store parking lots and when we have been visiting people's houses. It's freaky and comical at the same time. Well, tonight took the cake. We were sitting in the drive thru at KFC, and I kid you not, one ran in front of our car. It was so odd to see a cat, especially since there are no houses or apartments nearby. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

P.S. Chloe has asked for a black cat for her birthday...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random ramblings

Not wanting to disappoint, I am posting a few random things. If nothing else, than for a current post.

Did you know that 4 kids can eat 28 ice cream sandwiches in 24 hours and have no recollection of it?

I have to applaud the folks who work in the fast food industry. Ok, only the thin ones. I am just impressed that you can work in that atmosphere and not be fat.

I HATE doing laundry. I suck at it and I will never be caught up.

Living in the sticks during 4th of July weekend rocks. You can shoot fireworks to your hearts content and no one cares, not even the cops.

When you eliminate everything your dogs can chew, they will dig up your flowerbeds and make your porch a muddy mess.

Roger Dean Thomisee Jr drives me insane.

I just bought this and these. The bag is for church and the shoes are just because. And, I have a ring and earrings that matches them exactly.

I am so excited about Utah, that I could bust! We will not get there soon enough. I just want to hug my brothers, make sure my big sister is ok, and I really want to meet my nieces and nephews.

I wasn't that fond of the Ped-Egg. It did get off alot of "funk", but it made my hand and arm tired. Any one wanna come give me a pedicure?

So You Think You Can Dance is my new fave show. It beats American Idol, hands down!

I am a multitasking queen. I am off to watch my recorded shows. I will be wearing Crest whitestrips and painting my toenails. Have a groovy evening!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Absolutely F%#@^*G Livid!

I just have to get this off of my chest:

I have the most amount of dislike for Roger Dean Thomisee Jr. (bio-dad) that one can have for a person without actually hating them. I am very frustrated with him. He has been acting interested in possibly meeting Chandler. Saying he wanted to have a jam session with Chandler and Grayson. Just being really nice like we were buddies. He whined alot about needing food and money. I felt sorry for him, even offering him a meal or my couch if need be!! Well, I found out that it was all an act so I would file an appeal relieving him of child support responsibilities. Since it was never about the money and only about Chan knowing about his biological father, I started to fall for his act. Then, I started really thinking about things and talking to a few of his exes and his mom and I got wise. He has evidentally been this way for years. So, I told him NO that I knew he was working for cash in a bar and that he needed to grow up. I did. I delivered a baby 2 weeks after my 18th birthday and I have gotten not one dime nor word of encouragement or offer of support from that "man" in over 16 years. So, I have to go back to court. Luckily, I have saved every email, voicemail, and text. And, I have a new friend: Tanisha. His ex. We are having dinner together tonight. Guess what we'll be talking about? So ironic, today my first child support payment was due. I never even gave it a second thought until the mail lady brought me a registered letter to sign for. I couldn't believe it. I (for a micro-second) thought that he had come through. Hah, fat chance. It was like the millionth slap in the face from Roger Dean Thomisee Jr. Well, surprise surprise, I am not going to be pushed around by him. The gloves are off.