Saturday, December 6, 2014

I Need This

Man, I haven't blogged in a loooong time. My life has been so completely effed up since my dad died...  I am trying to keep my head above water and it isn't easy, day to day. 
Know what else isn't easy? Blogging from a phone. But that's a minor road block. Because I truly feel like blogging will help me out of a funk. A funk I must get out of. I desperately need some direction in my life and I enjoy writing. Who knew? I know not many people even read this, besides a spammy computer from time to time. I also know that with Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Buzzfeed and the like that a silly little blog from a 40 year old housewife isn't even that interesting. And I don't even give a damn. My blog is interesting to me and it's therapy I desperately need. It's gonna be happy and sad and funny and I'll include some of my family's adventures but mostly this is about me, for me. Once I get back into the hang of things, I may rename the blog... Maybe. Or maybe I'm too lazy. We shall see. 

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